Heartbreaking Photo: Dor Sela and Sons, Murdered in Migdal, Are Laid to Rest



  1. It is painful to see for two reasons. # 1) Mrs. Sela along with her precious brutal and tragic end and the seemingly not frum scene of the kvura surroundings. So doubly sad!

  2. to anon, Mrs. Sela chose to be frum and would have raised her children frum. What happened to her is beyond comprehension but there is little doubt she would have wanted a frum kevura.

  3. The worst tragedy ever. A mother, her babies and the neighbor child brutally murdered not by an outside enemy but from within, by the very person who should have been defending them. Lives and potential generations lost. A tremendous Chilul Hashem. Grief beyond comprehension. Let’s hope they’ll arise very soon in Tchiyas Hameisim, and let H cure us from all diseases: spiritual, mental and physical.


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