Failed Early Tests But Went Ahead Anyway


obamacare-websiteSo this was a bad sign, guys. The Affordable Care Act’s website,, apparently did not work in early tests – but the Obama administration decided to go ahead and launch it anyway.

Sources told The Washington Post today that just days ahead of the October 1 launch, crashed when a few hundred people tried to sign on simultaneously.

But Kathleen Sebelius, the Heath and Human Services Secretary, said Monday that the website “didn’t have enough testing, specificially for high volumes, for a complicated project.” Sebelius is expected to testify before Congress next week about Obamacare’s rocky rollout. Read more at The Washington Post.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. What do you want from a sytem that is french Canadian and 10 years old. No wonder it does not work, for system a few years old have to be up graded because they are too slow. Why didn’t the Lobama’s government use an American system and service that would have been developed and would have most likely worked.

  2. No matter what system is used (American, foreign, etc.), the government is NEVER going to as efficient as the private sector in administering health insurance.

    Awarding administration of insuring the populace to the same inept government that has run Social Security and Medicare to the brink of bankruptcy is going to be suicide for the private health insurance business in this country.

    It is not the role of the Federal Government to provide health insurance to its citizenry. This is so doomed for failure it is not even funny anymore.


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