Health Official: Data of 328,000 New Yorkers Missing


health-records1A health department official says a compact disc with the names of 328,000 New Yorkers has been missing nearly a month. State Department of Health spokeswoman Claudia Hutton says the disc contains nearly two decades worth of data on participants in a state program for infants and toddlers with disabilities.

The CD went missing at the agency’s Corning Tower headquarters in Albany.

Hutton says there’s no reason to believe the disc was taken out of the building. She says the disc was obtained from New York City and contains names, addresses and diagnostic codes.

The disc is encrypted, but a password to access the contents may have been written on the outside of it.

Hutton says workers realized the disc was missing about March 20.

{1010 WINShealth-records/Noam Newscenter}


  1. The password to access it may have been written on the outside? What idiot writes the secure password on the disk cover? Probably the same idiot who lost it.

    This is why the big bad government passed HIPAA legislation protecting health information. Whoever was responsible for this “accident” could be in big legal trouble.


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