Health Ministry Orders EL AL teams To Be Vaccinated Against The Measles


The Ministry of Health has ordered the vaccination of all the aircrews of El Al Airlines in a process that began this Thursday.

This was the result of a measles case discovered last week at the company that led to the hospitalization of a 43-year-old flight attendant in a serious condition.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Why do they need it? They were already vaccinated.
    Oh, you’re not sure the vaccination really immunizes you? Okaaaay, now THAT’S definitely a problem. Those who got vaccinated may not be immune, and those who won’t, don’t, because of the health risks. To me that means that there are some potential problems with the vaccinations: 1 – health risks in the actual vaccine, 2 – they may not work.
    Come on. The vaccines have been around for decades, billions of people have gotten them – and the pharma companies s t i l l can’t do it right.!
    Something is rotten in the State of Denmark.

    • Exactly what everyone is yelling about. I wonder how long it’ll take for the farbrente vaxxers on here to realize this.

  2. nebach the flight attendant probably was vaccinated, and that’s why he did not get the actual measles as a child, which would have given him lifelong immunity.. Now he got it as an adult, when it is much worse, and had to be hospitalized BECAUSE of the vaccine!


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