HE LOVES THE ILLEGALS: De Blasio to Fund Health Care for All, Including the Undocumented


Mayor Bill de Blasio proposed a $100 million plan that he said would provide affordable “healthcare for all,” reaching about 600,000 undocumented immigrants, low-income residents not enrolled in Medicaid and young workers who consider current insurance plans too expensive, Bloomberg reports.

The proposed city-funded health insurance option would assign a primary care doctor to each plan participant and help patients find specialists if needed. People will be able to enroll in the plan later this year, either by going to the city Website, www.nyc.gov, or by calling 311, its telephone information center.

The plan, which de Blasio dubbed “NYC Care,” will offer public health insurance on a sliding price scale based on income.



  1. Why hasn’t Mayor DeBlasio been arrested by the Federal government for hosting a sanctuary city? Sanctuary cities are ILLEGAL and NYC is one of them.

  2. Please stop posting negative comments about the mayor of New York City, and his utter lack of intelligence. This isn’t his fault, for he was born that way. Haven’t your parents taught you not to make fun of people who are retarded, or otherwise ill?


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