Watch: NYPD Tow Trucks Get Blocked In Trying To Tow Away Double Parked Hatzolah Vehicle




A Hatzolah paramdeic called to the Manhattan Day School at 310 West 75 Street in the Upper West Side of Manhattan to aid a patient undergoing a cardiac event had his car towed after he parked in an illegal spot.

Though his car had NYC DOT permit displayed, as well as a Hatzolah window plaque along with a NYS Department of Health sticker, which designated the vehicle as an emergency ambulance response vehicle that is allowed to double park, a tow truck was brought in by a street cop to remove the car from the street.

Despite explaining to the tow truck operator that the car was authorized to double park, the operator hooked the car on to the truck and prepared to leave. In order to prevent the car’s removal, a Hatzolah member used his vehicle to block the tow truck in place.

Tensions rose and an NYPD Sergeant was called to the scene, along with a Hatzolah coordinator. A heated argument ensued and the sergeant, ignoring the proper procedure, ordered the car towed. The car was later released without a fine.
A second Hatzolah vehicle was also issued a ticket for double-parking at the same call.



  1. Wicked evil donut eaters! They are all about GOTCHA. This has NOTHING to do with safety. The stink starts from the top. The Mayor aught to be ashamed of himself.

  2. Chuzpanim-hatzalah helps them by taking care of people who would otherwise be aided by the ny emergency services and then you have chutzpanim who hinder the very ones who they are being helped by!

  3. Next time a hatzalah member gets a call where a police officer is the patient before he starts treating him he should let him know that he can’t treat him till he finds proper parking. We’ll see how well they take it then.


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