Hatzolah Of Lakewood Is Now Hatzolah Of Central Jersey


The Hatzolah of Lakewood announced that they will be changing the organization’s name to Hatzolah of Central Jersey to better reflect the services they offer the local Jewish community.

The EMS volunteer group was established over 30 years ago, operating in the small neighborhood surrounding the growing Lakewood Yeshiva. Decades later, the Jewish community of Lakewood has now expanded and grown tenfold, with Jews branching out to local towns such as Brick, Jackson, Howell and Toms River and Hatzolah servicing all these new neighborhoods. What started as a few calls to Hatzolah a week has now become nearly 10,000 calls a year.

Hatzolah members have reassured that though the name has changed the phone number remains the same. Hatzolah of Central Jersey can be reached at 1-732-370-3600.



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