Hatzolah Inaugurates First Toms River Vehicle


Lakewood Hatzolah has expanded its service into neighboring Toms River with the dedication of a new ambulance servicing that area. The ambulance, emblazoned with the words “Lakewood Hatzolah – Serving Toms River,” was dedicated by a member of the Toms River community and will be stationed in Toms River.

“The Toms River community got together and decided to make a difference,” Lakewood Hatzolah Administrator Motty Twerski told Matzav. “They gathered one Thursday night for an event and really showed support for the work Hatzolah does.”

Although the ambulance is the first vehicle that will focus primarily on Toms River, Hatzolah is not new to the town.

“We already have a number of members who live in Toms River,” Twerski explains. “By inaugurating this ambulance, we will adequately be able to accommodate the growing community in the neighboring township.”

The donated vehicle is a brand new, updated ambulance, equipped with the latest technology, and should be ready to go into service sometime next month.

The vehicle’s acquisition is part of a wider expansion campaign to ensure that Hatzolah is always ahead of the community’s fast-pace growth.

Anyone interested in dedicating lifesaving vehicles, equipment, or supplies should contact Rabbi Avrohom Waxman at 732.363.5600.



  1. Are there any normal Shuls or Big Rabbonim/Poskim that live in Toms River? I’m seriously considering moving there but I’m not getting a straight answer from anyone.

    • I’m not sure what you consider big rabonim/poskim me but there were a few shuls there and you have a shul led by Rabbi Rotberg who is an amazing individual as well as hatzlolah’s posek and has written seforim on halocha

  2. I think if your looking for a small place like Toms River with big rabbonim and posekim and over 10 shuls, you should move to passaic nj. Yeshiva Gedola of Paasaic R’ Meir Stern shlita’ is the Rosh Hayeshiva.


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