Hatzolah EMS Members Ticketed by Woodridge Police On Emergency Call


hatzolahMid Hudson News reports: Two Hatzolah emergency services members who responded to a call for an individual in diabetic shock at Woodridge Village Hall Wednesday night were ticketed by the police chief for using red emergency lights as they pulled up to the scene. State law allows the use of those lights when EMS personnel are responding to an emergency.

Police Chief John Calvello could not be reached for comment on Thursday.

Since then, Hatzolah CEO Rabbi David Cohen told MidHudsonNews.com that he has been informed by a village official that the tickets will be dismissed, but, that is not enough.

“We need a statement from the village saying it was a mistake and won’t happen again,” he said. “We’re not looking for vindictiveness here; we’re looking for validation that what we are doing is proper and that we’re helping people throughout the mountains on a daily basis, on an hourly basis.”

Cohen noted that earlier this week, Hatzolah saved a boy when he nearly drowned in a summer camp pool nearby.

Mayor Louis Saperstein could not be reached for comment.

The Jewish community from Sullivan County to Brooklyn is outraged by the incident with many expressing their views on blogs.


{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The Mid-Hudson News is reporting as follows –

    “The chief reportedly issued the tickets under the direction of a village trustee who was on the scene when the EMTs arrived.”

    So, I have a big question.

    Did the police chief knowingly violate State Law because a non-law-enforcement, private-citizen-trustee order him to do so? This is of great concern!! What else has this trustee done?? It’s clear that this so-far-nameless trustee has either a severe ignorance of the laws or holds a bias against the members of Hatzolah EMS. either of those two options are quite scary for any law abiding citizen traversing that portion of New York’s geography!

    The other major question is what was the “Chief of Police” thinking?? He better not plead ignorance, as he is after all SWORN to uphold the LAW. His job is to protect people, and not to obstruct emergency assistance.

    Something stinks here.. and it stinks BAD!!!

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