Hatzalah Israel Mourns Passing of Young Volunteer


Rephael Eliyahu TrabBy Eli Beer

This week, we lost our youngest volunteer, Rephael Eliyahu Trab. Rephael Eliyahu was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and my daughter Avigail Beer, who volunteered with him, told me that his biggest dream is to become a United Hatzalah of Israel volunteer. He was only 7 years old, but we decided that if it’s his dream, we will fulfill it for him.

Rephael Eliyahu past away after a long fight holding his Hatzalah badge. The day of his petirah was also his 10th birthday – only 10 years old and we all loved him!

Eli Beer

Founder of United Hatzalah of Israel and President of U.S. based Friends of United Hatzalah




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