HATE IN LONG BEACH: Yeshiva Bochurim Shot at With BB Gun


Last night, on Motzoei Shabbos, three yeshiva bochurim were shot at with a BB gun in Long Beach, NY.

The bochurim are talmidim at Mesivta of Long Beach, located on West Beech Street in the surfside town.

The bochurim were walking from the yeshiva building to their dormitory a few blocks away when a black Nissan SUV passed and one of the vehicle’s occupants shot at them. The vehicle passed the boys between Magnolia and Beech and between Magnolia and Riverside.

One bochur was shot in the ear, another in his foot, and the third in his head. The latter was wearing his hat, which protected him.

A Matzav.com reporter was told that the same vehicle drove by the yeshiva on Friday night and BB gun shots were fired at a bochur, but missed their target.

Police, with the assistance of Shomrim, were provided with a full debrief by the bochurim and are currently conducting an investigation into this targeted attack.

It should be noted that BB guns are not toys or implements for child’s play. BB guns can kill, and high-velocity BB guns, which have muzzle velocities higher than 350 feet per second, can increase this risk.

{CB Frommer-Matzav.com}


  1. Nebach. I hope all the bachurim that were affected have a complete refuah. This is nebach around the same time that in 1986 a terrible tragedy happened there. I hope they catch the perpetrator (s) this time.

  2. Unless you are the Baal Shem Tov and you can expect that shooting with a Broom
    instead of a Gun, the broom will shoot; it seems normal and an example of UsmarTem
    Es Nefshechem for everyone to get some fighting skills which will certainly give them some
    confidence and might save them from harm CV”

  3. I live around the corner from the Long Beach Mesivta, and I am devastated! We just finished a “standing room only” Kristallnacht Commemoration”, in our Long Beach City Hall, of which I am a Committee member of, and NOT ONE Public Official mentioned it!
    If anything, right now they are having an “LB Police Department” appreciation rally.
    Chaval! The Moshiach is here,… and NEVER AGAIN, are just words, unless we ALL work on this!!!

  4. Chas v’shalom. That is what the Rebono shel Olam created the Modern Orthodox and the Secular for.

    Real b’nai Torah belong in the Bais Medrash, not on the battlefield.

  5. In Israel you can shoot back bullets……and the numbers are much better, we have a majority and there you are outnumbered 300 to 1. Time to ascend on high and answer the call to arms to save the Jewish people in Israel. We need strong Jews who are willing to risk their lives for the sake of other Jews……and we need them right away. The exile will never become the “New Jerusalem” and will always end in death and failure…..as Chochmei Lublin and the Yeshiva in Rodin ended up….as did the Jews who were turned to ash there……the exile can never accept the Jew forever…..it will swallow them whole…..only in Israel will there be refuge as the Chofetz Chaim quoted when discussing the topic of moving to Israel.

  6. If all Jews weren’t so soft. If all Jews knew how to defend themselves, if all Jews knew how to shoot a gun, if the liberals would let us carry. The goyim wouldn’t do this.

  7. I am so sorry! I grew up in Long Beach, and I am stunned by these developments! I was a member of Temple Israel back then and never felt in the least threatened being a Jew. Today, no matter where we are, we are targets! May all who are affected know I am wishing for your refuah and continued safety!

  8. my son is there, he said no one was hurt and it was a plastic pellet gun not a bb gun. the boys are fine and not scared. they shot the plastic pellets at some random non jewish girls as well.
    now that i have the inside story i see that you really can’t believe most of what you read in the news!!!

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