HATE IN BROOKLYN: Police Believe Same Group Of Teens Are Responsible For String Of Anti Semitic Attacks


CBSNewYork reports that police are looking for a group of teens they believe are behind a  string of hateful attacks in Brooklyn. The first involved throwing a metal pipe through a shul window, then hitting a chassidishe Jewish boy’s religious garb, and then pushing a young girl in Williamsburg.

On Tuesday, the NYPD released surveillance video they hope will lead detectives to an arrest. It shows the troublesome teens running up to a 14-year-old boy and knocking his hat off his head before sprinting off.

Police believe it shows the same group of teens caught on camera Saturday evening throwing a metal pipe through a shul window at the corner of Myrtle and Franklin Avenues around 5:30 p.m.

Police said right after they vandalized the shul, the same group then pushed a ten-year-old girl to the ground.

Anyone who may recognize the boys, clad in red and black hooded sweatshirts, are asked to call authorities.

NY State Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) is shocked than the attack at the shul was minimized. The Assemblyman is calling on the NYPD to reclassify it is a Hate Crime, which he said should have been the obvious conclusion.

“Innocent people were praying quietly in their synagogue on the Sabbath when suddenly a metal pipe was thrown through their window by thugs who specifically targeted them,” says Hikind. “The video is clear: This gang came to this specific location—a synagogue; they looked around to see if anyone was watching, then threw a metal bar through glass at the congregation. What if that bar hit someone—say an elderly man or a child? What if the shards of broken glass had gone into people’s faces? Calling this an act of ‘criminal mischief’ is a disgusting joke! Is there a policy to purposely minimize bias crimes?

“This was a targeted attack on Jews who were quietly praying,” said Hikind. “If that’s not hate, what is? If law enforcement continues minimizing these events, the message to would-be attackers is clear: It’s open season on Jews. Are we waiting for another Pittsburgh type of attack, G-d forbid, before we take these matters serious?”




  1. That is the way this works. As the “thrill” of what is called here “vandalism” dies down, the “addicted” perpetrator has to continually escalate the attacks in order to reach the same “high”. These activities not only become a habit but also an addiction, and if it is not stopped early they turn into violence “junkies”.

  2. I remember in the late 1960s sitting in a bus on New Lots Avenue in Brooklyn and seeing a bunch of black kids knock the hat off the head of a yeshiva bochur. Then as now, they didn’t want the hat; they only wanted to harass and humiliate the young man.

    Plus ça change. . .

  3. Do you expect any better from our tax funded Donut Eaters??? Instead of doing what they are getting paid to do, they mosey around give out a few parking tickets, pull some people over for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, and then, being so exhausted, they head to the nearest Donkin’ Donuts, sirens blaring and all. They couldn’t care less about some minority kids beating up some Orthodox Jews. Let me look at my pension and nest egg again.

  4. Vigilante justice is the only answer. Like in the old days in Willy. A good chaptzem.
    Because, left to the authorities, these thugs will barely get a slap on the wrist and will be out doing the same or worse.

    • Don’t use “vigilante justice”, use “legal self defense which resulted in accidental physical damage to a perpetrator”.

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