Hashem’s Open Miracles


rocket-attack-israelBy S. Kassin

We’re living and experiencing times where crazy things are going on around the world. Hashem’s hand is clear for the one that wants to see. Hashem is orchestrating so many events and components around the world – ALL for His Chosen and Beloved People Am Yisrael.

The current battle of Israel with Hamas is a battle of:

  • Good versus Evil
  • Pure versus Impure
  • Emet (Truth) versus Sheker (Falsehood)
  • Yetzer Hatov (Good Inclination) versus Yetzer Hara (Evil Inclination)
  • The Few versus The Many
  • Am Yisrael versus the World
  • Pure versus Immoral
  • Light versus Darkness
  • Spirituality versus Materialism
  • Peace versus War
  • Humanitarian versus Barbaric Terrorist Killing
  • Building versus Destroying
  • Honest versus Cheating, Lying, Stealing, Deceit
  • and More..

Hashem is performing Thousands of OPEN Miracles for Am Yisrael. The world wants to destroy us, but Hashem is protecting us. Governments, Countries, the Media, the United Nations, ALL speak lies against Israel and side with Hamas Terrorists. Evil people purposely cover the truth and many others just follow along and believe all the lies and cover ups.

We Am Yisrael MUST continue to Unite and Pray to Hashem, because Hashem is our ONLY Savior and Protection.

The Evil Hamas took hundreds of Millions of dollars (if not Billions) given to them by the world and used them for terror, destruction and killing.

Question – How can governments and countries (including the USA) give money to Gaza, which is Hamas?

Answer – These countries are terrorists themselves. They intentionally and very willingly gave and give money to build, equip and finance terrorism and killing. They make it like they didn’t know, and their innocent, but the one that wants to see through the lies knows that’s not true. Unfortunately we been having many acts of terrorism and for many years around the world. Everyone really knows what terrorist do, what they stand for, what their capable of and if you are Truly against terrorism than under no circumstances should even a single dollar be given their way, because they ONLY know Evil. Everything they do is Evil and Destruction. Anything you give them will be used for Evil and Killing purposes. Terrorist are not capable and never will want to do anything Humanitarian anything of good intentions. Just destruction and killing. The liars of the world know this and intentionally fund and help terrorists.

Then of course you have Pure Evil countries like Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia, Syria, Lebanon, North Korea and many more that are Openly Funding, Supporting, Training, Providing Arms to Terror organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Hundreds of Millions of Dollars (if not Billions) were given to Gaza by the USA, United Nations and many other so called Respectful Moral Countries and Organizations of the world, for the building of Schools, Homes, Religious Places of Worship, Hospitals and Medical Clinics. But Hamas STOLE that money and used it to Train and Plan to KILL Jews. They STOLE that money to buy Arms and build Terror Tunnels.

Last week John Kerry, another American terrorist announced the US will be giving Gaza an additional $47 Million. So Kerry is giving $47 Million to Hamas to further fight against Israel. Also in the news is France a Total Jew Hater and Lover of Arabs announced it was giving $15 Million to Gaza.

Terror Tunnels: A City Underground

Hamas worked day night for years (probably over a decade) with the help of the world to build a massive city underground that spans Gaza and stretches into Israel and Egypt. Hamas Terrorist use its tunnel infrastructure to train, plan and hide. To build and store rockets and other weapons. To smuggle in weapons, arms and materials to build weapons through the tunnel access points in Egypt from Iran, Syria, Lebanon, North Korea, Russia, Turkey, Qatar and many more. Even Israel who gave and allowed construction materials meant for Palestinians in Gaza to enter Gaza for the purposes of building Homes, Hospitals, Places of Worship and other civilian infrastructures – ALL went to the Building of Terror Tunnels. 4,680 trucks carrying 181 thousand tons of gravel, iron, cement, wood and other supplies have passed through the Kerem Shalom crossing since the beginning of 2014 and entered into Gaza (so this is Terror Tunnel building supplies that entered into Gaza only in the past 7 months).

Every Hamas Terror Tunnel costs a minimum $3 Million (many of them cost way more) and requires 350 Truck loads of building supplies. That same Money and Supplies could build 86 Homes, 7 mosques, 6 Schools and 19 Medical Clinics. So far the Israel Defense Forces discovered over 30 Hamas Terror Tunnel with almost 100 access points.

  • That’s well over $100 Million
  • 2580 Homes
  • 210 mosques
  • 180 Schools
  • 570 Medical Clinics

Baruch Hashem unsuccessfully, Hamas tried a handful of times during this current war Operation Protective Edge to enter into Israel via the Terror Tunnel with the sole purposes of killing Israelis (both soldiers and civilians – it makes no difference to them, they just want to Kill Jews) and abducting Israeli soldiers and civilians as prisoners. These are the same tunnels used in 2006 to sneak into Israel from Gaza, kill two Israeli soldiers and abduct Gilad Shalit. (Gilat was held captive as a prisoner for 5 years and then released on 10/1812011 in exchange for 1027 Barbaric Animals – That’s right 1027 Murderers).

Hashem Shomer Am Yisrael – Hashem is Protecting Us. Hashem stopped these animals from Killing our people. Baruch Hashem – Hashem has Not allowed Hamas terrorist to carry out their plans and enter via Hamas Terror Tunnel access points in Israel and Kill Jews and take Jewish people as prisoners. Hashem is here and Clearly making OPEN Miracles to Protect Am Yisrael. We MUST See this, We MUST Talk About This and Openly Praise and Thank Hashem for Openly Saving Thousands of Jewish Lives.

Rosh Hashana 5775

May Hashem Destroy All of Them AMEN – Hamas was planning for this upcoming Rosh Hashana 5775 for 200 Terrorist to enter Israel via 10 Hamas Terror Tunnels and open Fire Killing many Israelis and taking many more with them back in the Terror Tunnels as prisoners. That’s right this Rosh Hashana as Am Yisrael would be praying to our Father in Heaven these Barbarians were planning to kill hundreds or more of Am Yisrael. But Baruch Hashem Hashem Shomer Am Yisrael – Hashem is Protecting Us. Hashem did Not allow this to happen. These plans were discovered by the IDF. And or course one of the main purposes of this war and the primary purpose for the ground forces to enter Gaza is to destroy the Hamas Terror Tunnels. So Hashem did not allow the evil Hamas to carry out their destruction to Israel. It appears the primary and main purpose Hamas built all these Terror Tunnels was to carry our their mission “Rosh Hashana 5775”.

Terrorist/Communist North Korea besides being an arms dealer to Hamas, taught Hamas how to build Terror Tunnels, from their experience of building terror tunnels in their wars with South Korea. This past week, it is well know that Hamas has placed a Very Large down payment to purchase arms and weapons from North Korea to continue its war against Jews. (Baruch Hashem Hamas has been running low on arms and need to replenish). We MUST pray that Hashem stops our enemies and does NOT allow this transaction to take place and does NOT allow any New weapons to get to Hamas.

Important to note Hamas ONLY allows the residents of Gaza to have 3 hours of electricity per day. That’s Right Only THREE hours per every day. This is WORSE than a third World country. The rest of the power is needed for the drilling equipment to build the Terror Tunnels. Incidentally Israel is the one that supplies power to the Gaza people. So Hamas steals the power Israel kindly supplies for Gaza citizens and uses it to build Terror Tunnels to kill Israelis.

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Iron Dome

We MUST Praise and Thank Hashem for Hashem’s Iron Dome. Hashem and ONLY Hashem is the One that allows technology into the world. Hashem decreed that the Iron Dome be invented and that it should function and work. In the 80’s during the Reagan administration, President Reagan announced that the US were in development of a Strategic Defense System called “Star Wars”. Its purposes was to do what the current Iron Dome does (for long range missiles), intercept and destroy incoming missiles that were fired toward America. USA spent Billions upon Billions of Dollars on this system, and were in development on it for decades, which ended up Never working. Its was all a Big waste of time, effort and funds. The software for the system was so tedious and complicated that is simply never worked. This is a clear case where Hashem did Not want to allow such technology into the world at that time. Therefore we MUST Praise and Thanks Hashem for the Iron Dome.

When a hungry person gets invited as a guest for a delicious meal, Yes they must thank and have tremendous gratitude to their gracious host for that needed meal (Hakarat HaTov), but at the same time the person must realize that everything is from Hashem. Hashem is the One that provided that hungry person with that needed delicious meal. Everything is from Hashem. Same here, Yes we Must thank and appreciate the inventor and all the wonderful righteous people involved in designing, building and implementing the Wonderful and Amazing Iron Dome Defense System, but at the same notion, we must ultimately know that its ALL from Hashem. Hashem is the One that allowed the Iron Dome to be invented, developed and implemented. Hashem is the One that allowed the Iron Dome to function and work so perfectly as it has been. Its ALL Hashem. Baruch Hashem. Thank You Hashem.

Another Tremendous Hesed from Hashem, which has Not been in the news much is the Greatest Tank in the world is the Israeli Merkava 4, has a built in Rafael Trophy Active Protection System. Besides the tank being the best in the world and itself being a great asset to Israeli soldiers, the Merkava 4 has its own built in Iron Dome Defense system. The tank automatically, without any soldier controlling it or without the tank even being turned on, detects and incoming anti-tank missile and will automatically launch a counter missile to destroy the incoming rocket. Baruch Hashem so far many soldiers lives were saved of the ground forces, where the Israeli Merkava 4 Tank detected incoming anti-tank missiles fired from Hamas Terrorists and the Israeli tank fired a counter missile.

Inline image 1

Iran is said to have or developing technology for rockets that can surpass and break through the Iron Dome System. We MUST pray that Hashem will never allows this to come true.

Hashem Takes Revenge On Those That Go Against Am Yisrael

Since the beginning of this war and in actuality since the beginning of his presidential terms, our President, who is by far the Worst President in the history of the world, and is a complete nothing, has been going against and not siding with America’s Greatest ally in the world, Israel. Obama is an Open Muslim who Clearly sides, funds and aides terrorism in the world. That’s Right the USA is supporting and Funding Terror Organizations through out the world, because of our Muslim President. After several attempts of going against Israel in the past few days, Hashem strikes back and the Biggest news in the past few days is the Impeachment of Obama. B”H it does actually happen AMEN, but weather it happens or not is not the point, Hashem is showing, “You go against my people, I will fight back and give you a slap on the wrist.”

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is an Anti-Semite and runs an organization that aids, funds and helps Terrorists. Don’t be fooled, This is 100% TRUE. Ban Ki-moon and the UN help terrorist throughout the world and specifically Hamas in Gaza. In the beginning days of the war Ban Ki-moon spoke forcefully against Israel and very pro Gaza. Ban Ki-moon visited Israel last week and during his stay it was discovered for a second time that a UN school in Gaza was storing Hamas rockets that are being shot at Israeli citizens. It was then reported that the UN school gave back those rockets to the “Authorities in Gaza”.

First question Why in the world are Hamas Terrorist rockets being stored in UN Schools?
Second question To whom was the rockets give to? Authorities in Gaza? Who is that? Are there good humanitarian people in Gaza? Is Israel fighting terrorists in Gaza or respectful humanitarians?

Lets start with the mission statement and purpose of the United Nations. The UN was formed after WWII to prevent such terrible acts from ever happening again. Its objectives include maintaining international peace and security, promoting human rights and more. Is aiding terrorists in storing rockets in UN schools, maintaining international peace? Promoting human rights? Or is the UN a terror organization that aids and funds terrorists?

The only people in Gaza are Hamas terrorists. So the UN helped and aided Hamas in firing rockets at Israel and then gave those rockets back to Hamas so they can fire them upon Israel. This is what the UN is – a Terrorist Organization. And the US is one of the primary and biggest supporters of the UN. So Hashem orchestrated it that Ban Ki-moon while in Israel would not have the opportunity to openly put down Israel that much, because right in front of the world his organizations terrorists ties was uncovered. Of course the media then covered this information and never reported it again. While Ban Ki-moon was in Israel, I was praying that a Hamas rocket would land right in front of him – Ka BOOM.

Also to note the terrorist United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has been flying around in a Qatar sponsored plane. Qatar in the main backer and supporter of Hamas (and other terrorist organizations). Qatar is also the country in which the head of Hamas lives, in a 5 star hotel with his Billions of dollars, that he stole from the world.

Hamas uses Gaza civilians as Human Shields
That’s right Hamas kills it own woman and children. They purposely fire rockets from residential homes, schools and areas with the hopes of Israeli soldiers killing them. The Anti-Semite world wants to condemn Israel, but did anyone say a word when America murdered 100,000 Iraqi’s? How about Russia that kills Millions of its own people? Or 175,000 people murdered in Syria? Or how about endless upon endless cases where countries or terrorist group murdered so many innocent lives?

Israel is protecting itself from Ruthless Terrorist. Hamas is the cause and blame for the lives killed in Gaza.

The Gaza Handbook
IDF soldiers discover in Gaza a training manual and guide in Arabic, with pictures, illustrations and diagrams that shows steps by step how to build a homemade bomb and all kinds of other explosives. It contains instructions for handling and detonating different types of explosives. Page 14 explains how to fill a television-shaped bomb with shrapnel.
Baruch Hashem – The Endless List of Hashem’s Open MIRACLES
Baruch Hashem There are so many open miracles that have happened since the start of this war, that it would be impossible to list in even a 10 volume book. Here are just a very few samples.

Hamas fired over 200 rockets from Gaza aiming at Israel, but they landed in Gaza killing their own people.

Hamas fired over 2 rockets from Gaza aiming at Israel, but they landed in Egypt injuring two Egyptian soldiers.

Hamas also fired another rocket from Gaza aiming at Israel, but landed in Egypt and killed 7 Egyptian and wounded 22 Egyptian. Hamas has fired so far more than 2600 rockets at Israel and Baruch Hashem there are no casualties from it. We can’t even begin to imagine the TREMENDOUS Hesed Hashem. We can get a glimpse of the rocket potential fatal damage with this one rocket in Egypt killing 7 Egyptian.

In Ashdod a Hamas rocket hit a gasoline truck causing it to go on fire. The gas truck was holding 35,000 liters of gasoline. There was another 100,000 liters of gasoline underground, yet thanks to Hashem, all that happened was a small fire, that a fireman put out.

A Hamas rocket landed in a soccer field minutes after many children had already left.

A Hamas rocket just missed a Very Large Gasoline storage facility.

In Netivot a Hamas rocket fell in an empty kindergarten park.

Beer Sheva which is in the south and very close by to Gaza and one of the cities that were hit with the most rockets happens to be a hugely populated city, but most of the Hamas rockets fell in open areas.

A Hamas rocket is shot into Israel every 10 minutes. That’s RIGHT for the past 22 days, every 10 minute Hamas fired a potentially deadly rocket into Israel, but Hashem averts those rockets and does not allow them to destroy Precious Jews.

A few days ago a soldier heard a gun being shot by a Hamas Terrorist fired his way. He then felt the bullet hitting him, but never felt any damage. He could not understand what happened. He then realized B”H Hasdei Hashem, that the Hamas bullet punctured into a grenade on his belt, saving the bullet from going into his body. Another OPEN Miracle B”H Hasdei Hashem was that the bullet did NOT cause the grenade to detonate.

Inline image 6

Of course needless to say we must mention and pour out our hearts for the terrible tragic sad news of the Righteous, Tzaddikim, Kedoshim Israeli Soldiers that were killed Al Kiddush Hashem protecting Am Yisrael. May Hashem avenge their blood. Of course they are now HIGH up in Olam Haba.

The Holy Chofetz Chaim and Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman and many, many other Gedolim in the past 100 years announced we are in the times of the coming of Mashiach. True, we don’t when know when Hashem will send the final redemption and the coming of Mashiach, but we most certainly can see with what is going around the world today, that we are getting much closer.

Inline image 5

Amazing Videos that tell the TRUTH – Must Watch

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Inside a Hamas Terror Tunnel


The Founder of Hamas son – Talking about how Evil Hamas is. He is no longer Hamas and had to flee risking his life.

Mike Huckabee: Obama’s Policy On Israel Is Embarrassing

Hannity Grills CAIR Rep Over Hamas Terrorism

Nissim: Israeli Security Advocate Says Foiling of Hamas Plot a Miracle

Israel’s ambassador to the UN criticized a UN Security Council presidential statement that demanded an immediate ceasefire.

HaRav David Batzri by the Kever of MaRan HaRav Ovadia Yosef on Erev Rosh Chodesh Av 5774 – Speaking about Bitachon.

Israel official: Finds 32 tunnels

{S. Kassin-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I just wish that the author of this article, S. Kassin, would have given some editorial guidance on people like Obama and Ban Ki-Moon instead of just stating facts about their positions. You have to tell it like it is and stop trying to be so diplomatic. It was an excellent analysis.

  2. A true and amazing story told by Ohad Shaked: I received a phone call on Sunday from “A,” one of the Iron Dome commanders who was a student of mine about 6 years ago. I was glad he called. “Where can a person learn Torah in Ramat Gan?” He asked me leaving me baffled being that he was far from Torah and mitzvot. “I’m going to be released in a couple of months, and I want to learn in a Yeshiva – I saw the Almighty with my own eyes!” He said, nothing more and nothing less. “What happened?” I asked him. “A Missile was fired from Gaza. The Iron Dome can detect where the missile is going to fall within a 200 meter radius. This particular Missile was heading to the Azrieli Towers, or to the railroad tracks. Either way, hundreds could have paid with their lives! We sent the first “dome” and it missed. Then the second as well as the third dome missed, this is a very rare occurrence. To date, only two other such cases occurred. I was in shock! We had four seconds until there is no way back and the missile would hit. We had already informed and dispatched emergency services, the police and the fire department, to the location.” Then the commander spoke excitedly as I kept on listening. “Suddenly, without any preliminary design from the Iron Dome system (which calculates the possible wind currents, etc.) a strong eastern wind blew – a wind that we have no idea where it came from and cast the missile right into the sea. We were all in shock!!! I stood up and started screaming ‘There is a G-d’! ‘There is a G-d!’ ‘There is a G-d’!!! I saw this miracle with my own eyes. No one told me about it, it was not reported to me. I saw the Hand of Hashem fling the missile into the sea! Of course this was not reported for security reasons, but it’s enough to witness the miracles with our own eyes to know there is Hashem (G-d). I ran to one of the religious soldiers and asked him to put on tefillin. I took it upon myself to keep Shabbat, and that was the very best Shabbat I have ever had.” This is what he told me. I was so excited that it even brought a tear to my eye. “Ashrecha” (praisworthy are you) I said to him, “that you merited to witness this incident and to understand that it’s from Hashem (G-d)!”

  3. You are confusing Impeachment and Conviction. Impeachment is indictment by the House of Representatives. It then has to be tried in the Senate and 2/3 of the Senate has to vote Guilty to remove from office. The Republicans in the House can impeach Obama every day for the next 2 1/2 years and it won’t do anything because there is no way that the Democrats in the Senate will vote to convict him and remove him from office.

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