Har Habayis: Over 50 Injured In Riots, Three At The Kosel Hit With Rocks


A huge riot has broken out today at Har Habayis after Palestinian worshippers, who abstained all week from entering the compounds on the Mufti’s orders, swarmed the area to  celebrate the removal of Israeli security.

During the hullabaloo, a few Arabs took the opportunity to fling some rocks at the Jews praying at the Kosel below. Three worshippers were injured from the projectiles.

Clashes began soon after, with Israeli riot police on scene to deescalate the situation. At least 56 Arab rioters were injured in the pandemonium.

Meanwhile, the al-Aqsa mosque is still closed today as Waqf officials ensure that all Israeli security paraphernalia has been removed.


{Matzav Israel Bureau}



  1. The Zionists claim to have won the 67 war, from the description below it sounds like they lost and are rightfully seen as weak. this is what happens when you don’t care for the Torah and tzura of a Yid.

  2. The only mosque is on the southern edge, the most indisputably least Qadosh area. Build a wall segregating that area from the rest, and a ramp from the east side for sole access. The Dome was built by our great friend and protector the Khalif Umar, to end further Christian use of the site of the Haykhal as a garbage dump. It is not used for muslim cult and never was. Fat chance this regime will do the noble and right thing. So hurtful how they cowed re electronic monitoring, folding like cowards. The pain of the injured is another part of their indictment.


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