Har Habayis Kollel – The Only Kollel That Violates Halacha


Despite the severe halachic prohibition against entering Har Habayis, Yeshivas Har Habayis, which opened this summer, takes advantage of the fact that the Israeli police forbid davening at the holy site but not learning.

Rav Eliyohu Weber explained that the twenty-four staff members and students of his institution study halachos relevant to the Har Habayis. To receive a small stipend, students must spend at least two hours a day learning on Har Habayis.

The p’sak shared by all gedolei haposkim of this and previous generations is that it is halachically forbidden for Yidden to ascend to the Har Habayis.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Rodfim !!!! Rodfim!!!! This is the facade of Jews who look and talk like they keep halacha.they are putting us into a big Sakana we shouldnt let them into our kehilla they are prolonging our Golus Chas vshalom.

    • It is you Neville Chamberlain types who are rodfim. Move to the ISiS controlled territories if you like the islamonazis so much.

    • Quisling! And satmer doesnt put the jewish community at risk with their anti Israel aproach! If it was up to people like you. Jews wouldnt visit the kosel to not upset arabs. And last i checked the arabs claimthe kosel as a arab holy site. So itseems you are also a hypacrite.

  2. What they should do is find a location NEAR the Har HaBayis.

    Among the Seforim they should learn is Tzuras HaBayis by HaRav Yom Tov Lipman HaLevi Heller ZT”L (known as the Tosafos Yom Tov). Sefer Tzuras HaBayis explains the difficult RASHI commentary on Bais HaMikdash III [Yechezkel/Ezekiel, Chap. 40-43]. My drawings — based on this very valuable source for the future Bais HaMikdash — can be seen at: http://crdesignable.com/our-special-mitzvah/

    • They are near the entrance to Har HaBayit, not sitting and studying on the mountain top.
      The article is in error. About that detail and others.

  3. If it’s completely Asur to ascend in anyway shape or form to Har HaBayis, why is nobody stopping this crazy insane kollel that violates Halacha in every sense of this Inyan, nobody is protesting them, putting them in Chairem, shutting them down or anything, why isn’t someone or a group of ppl stopping this, their learning means nothing if they are violating Major Halacha at the same time, do they not get it, that this is a Major sin, & for all those Rabbis that say yes it’s ok to go up to Har HaBayis, where is their proof, the answer is, there isn’t any, there is absolutely not Heter to go up there, some frum ppl unfortunately don’t get the message very well, either they do & they don’t care, or they are just doing whatever they want, that’s the plain honest truth

    • Point the exact place in Shulchan Oruch where it states that it is osur to ascend anywhere on Har Habais. Can’t?! Then you would look smarter not talking about topics you have no knowledge of.

  4. What a rude one sided article. The writer of this article is clearly an am haaretz gamur and should do some basic halachic research before straight out factless smearing of jews who follow different halachic opinions. There is a basic question if jews who want to build the beis hamikdash today are perpetrating the sin of the “Mapilim” or if jews who say we are not allowed to instigate the nations of the world are perpetrating the sin of the “Meraglim”. It may be clear to the writer of this article and whoever he chose to include on his list of “all” the gedolei haposkim but to many Talmidei chachamim it is not so clear. The kollel is very likely learning all the halachos in gemara rambam etc. regarding where and how it is permissible to enter. Unlike the am haaretz who wrote this article and just threw out a blanket one sided statement smearing jews at least they discuss sources and don’t just bash of other people.

    • So you advocate for the har habayes to be controlled by Arab sovereignty! Pick up a history book! Why is this any different than jews waging war to retake yerushalayim! Would you say a Jewish soldier fighting a Roman had to be ritually pure to defend the har habeyes

  5. Even without taking the Chiyuv Kares R”L into account I actually agree with the Palestinian anger on this issue in a political sense. (Before you call me an appeaser let me just say this is about the FIRST time ever that I agreed with them)

    The Israeli peace treaty with Jordan gives them (Jordan) the status quo control over the Har Habayis (please don’t nitpick on this point) For hundreds of years the Har H’Bayis was used exclusively by the Moslems to pray on. Even if the overwhelming majority of Rabbonim in Eretz Yisroel from the Edah Hachareidus to the Rabbunut were wrong about the Chiyuv Kores it was not a Makom Tefilah since the Bais Hamikdash was destroyed.

    Most importantly I’ve seen plenty of interviews of those who go on the Har H’Bayis. They all clearly say they that they are motivated by wanting to show “we have our rights here”. That does seem to confirm the Palestinian accusation that these people are looking to take over the Har Habayis from us. How would we feel if Arabs started visiting the Kosel Plaza (without praying) to show they have control over it?

    • Congratulations! Not content with amoratzus misconception that stepping anywhere on Har Habais b’yom haze is issur koreis, you went for probable apekorsus of stating that goyim are the rightful owners of Har Habais. Thank you for your honesty.

    • You want to give the arabs the kosel? They claim that also! What about east jerusalem? Why not west jerusalem to. Bnei brak? Tel aviv? Do you see where this is going!

  6. Please point out the exact place in Shulchan Oruch where it states that ascending to anywhere on har habais is prohibited. Do I hear crickets?! Perhaps we can say that it is better to be machmir since we are mesupak of the exact surveying, but that doesn’t mean that we have a right to look down at those who are willing to rely on whatever mesora there might be of where cheil starts. After all, do those that keep Chalav Yisroel accuse those that keep OUD of halachik violations, how about Taimanim eating grasshoppers, or those that follow whatever psak of which day Shabos is in Japan or Hawaii?! Why is the sofeik of Har Habais is not treated civilly, like any other sofeik in contemporary halacha? Unfortunately, the answer seems to be that it has to do with politics and not halacha – perhaps from the both sides of the issue. Be as it may, there is no excuse to use Torah as a tool to further one’s own political interests. Therefore, if you think that Jews should not ascend for whatever political reason you may have – state it as a political opinion, and don’t bring any manipulative pronouncements that it has to with halacha.

  7. it is amazing how many טועים בדבר משנה there are here. am i the only one who learned keilim perek 1 and knows there is no kares outside of the cheil?

  8. To Moshe: it’s not just this article alone. Our entire society and education are slanted so that we are influenced one way. For example: schools teach us to contrast how good we are and how bad the goyim are. Lo and behold some of ours (a small minority) get arrested for crimes and we meet some very honorable goyim. We are taught in absolutes while life portrays variances.

  9. Yiyasher kochecha to Avraham Yaakov, for selecting for us and for this kollel what seforim people should limit themselves to!

    Perhaps Avraham Yakov would like to debate this kollel’s Rosh Kollel or Rav Yakov Meidan or Rav Dov Lior or Rav Meir Mazuz on this topic or at least explain to them why they should learn only the seforim that Avraham Yakov likes?

    Perhaps Matzav.com could live stream the debate?

  10. Even if there are talmidei chachamim who are not sure where the place of kares is, but being unsure also is a halachik reason not to go.

  11. The issur going up to the har habayis because we are all tomeh with tumas mes is only for entering the azarah and inward min hatrorah, and the rabannon extended the issur from the ulom onward, the ulom being the entry way into the azarah. However this is for the issur of kares. Rav Eliyahsiv however pointed out that there is also a mitzvah of morah mikdash, to act with morah and fear of the mikdash, and so if a person acts for even a moment without this fear he violated this mitzvah. And this is the reason Rav Eliyashiv gave for not going up on the har habayis.
    Therefore these people who inevitably will act as basic people and without the requisite fear required are not just violating a mitzvah, but violating the kedusha of the mikdash, which the gemora says retains its kedusha even after it is charev.
    In short the makom mikdash is a place where people must act with yirah and is not a place for people to stand around and engage in some activity and it makes no difference that this activity happens to be learning..

  12. Foolish incorrect article. Some rabbis don’t like making Aliyat to har habayis. Hundreds go all the time. Including the RAMBAM who wrote about it and said it was the best day of his life. Then again some people are not into making Aliya to Israel the first group of this attitude was the Meraglim.
    So it’s quite natural that if you not into making Aliya to Israel you certainly are not into Aliya lehar which are BOTH central mitzvos for ALL Jews.
    If you want a 3rd mikdash you need to build it. Viasu Li mikdash. But many prefer excuses why to simply ignore that central part of the Torah. Just like the generation of Jews in Ezras time. They were not interested in building the 2nd Be it Mikdash. They prefered to keep living in Exile and not Make Aliya and build it. History repeats itself.
    You may as well stop saying Yibone Hamkdash at the end of Simone Esrei. You don’t really mean it anyway. Why lie.???


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