Hannity: The Press Has Declared War On The American People


The media cater to out of touch liberals who know nothing about you, says Hannity.




  1. And if you believe this, you can put away your sefers and play with your guys all night long. The L-rd is too good to give us good news services. The world is not FOX news and GOP right wing dynasty for the whole of any soul on this planet.

    How arrogant to think any soul would support a one-way news sanity in the world.

    What is wrong with the GOP that they can not discuss all politics that Americans want? This is a libel spam of hate and disproportionate terror.

    ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and many more are not going away. They are not going to cater to the Trump prank your neighbor dynasty of hate.

    War against human work day rights.

    Sefers needed. Not Hip Right wing hate.



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