Hannity: Moore Answered My Questions


Fox News host Sean Hannity said Wednesday night that Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore answered the questions he posed to him the previous night about allegations he is facing.

“Now we demanded, rightly, answers from Judge Moore,” Hannity said on his show. “He provided them to the specific questions we asked.”

“Are we at a stage in American politics in which false allegations can overcome a public record of 40 years, stampede the media and politicians to condemn an innocent man, and potentially impact the outcome of an election of national importance?” Moore asks in the letter. Read more at The Hill.




  1. Denying what these women are accusing him is called answering his questions ?
    Attacking these women for finally coming forward is called answering his questions ?

    • You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that these women are LIARS and probably paid by Soros or other Democrats like they did for the women who accused Trump of the same allegations many years earlier! Why did they wait until he’s so far ahead in the election to come forward after 40 years?

      • If your only defense against a number of women accusing someone of molestation is that they are LIARS and being paid off , than you must apply that standard across the board and never believe anyone that comes forward after years of silence.
        Do you believe the Weinstein accusers ? How about Kevin Spacey ?

        • I do not believe Moore’s “political” accusers who came forward 40 years later as per incitement of the Deep State but I believe Weinstein’s and Spacey’s accusers. Apparently, some people do not have the fifth sense to be able to differentiate between the cases.

  2. A woman who reads her accusation off a paper and doesn’t feel in her heart what she’s saying should automatically be discredited.
    A woman who’s son-in-law never heard her mention anything about it throughout the many years he’s married to her daughter should be discredited.
    A woman who suddenly accuses someone after 40 years – or even 10 years – should be discredited.

  3. Necer mind what bill (lower case intended) did in the Oval Office and never nind the public denial when real evidence was presented and ridicule of his accusers – he was a DemocRat and it’s perfectly fine!
    Remember Mary Jo Kopeckni?
    Big deal! Drunkard Ted was a Dem. That’s expected!

    These are Republicans! Different rules!

  4. Either Moore is right or wrong. There is great index of suspicion of doubt.

    Either way, his social interests are bad strength and hard careless hate. We can do without him 100%.

    He represents very few in our conglomerate nation and Alabame must fast become less of a stage for the southern hate that has permeated years. Total listed need is compassion and faith. He is never voted right on both.

    Hannity has his war. What are you going to drink from your Keurig. I’ll take the coffee.

  5. Moore is 100% innocent of all charges and each and every accuser and witness is a complete LIAR. How do I know? Because an individual who’s 100% honest and pure as driven snow told us so: Roy Moore.

  6. As virtually countless reader comments (here at Matzav and at other Internet news sites, for example, see http://www.libertyheadlines.com/new-accuser-claims-roy-moore-sexually-assaulted/) very superbly point out:


    Of course, if, I repeat, IF, the truth is that Mr. Moore actually did do the exceedingly terrible things that he is being accused of, of course, that would be exceedingly terrible. However, it certainly is noteworthy that AFTER that time when he (supposedly) did those things, FOR A GOOD FORTY YEARS, he did NOT do bad things; on the contrary, he did quite a lot of very good things — yes, he did T’shuva — which, of course, is wonderful. His bid now for the high office of a United States Senator is FORTY YEARS AWAY from when he (supposedly) was bad.

    By completely sharp contrast, numerous other high level government officials have on their records similar scandals of doing exceedingly terrible things VERY CLOSE TO and even RIGHT IN the time of their terms in office; yet they have still been allowed to have and remain in their high positions.

    Probably, the most prominent of these many cases was with the (then) president himself, Former President William Jefferson Clinton. Throughout his initial campaign, several serious allegations — accusing him of the exact same exceedingly terrible things that Mr. Moore is being accused of — came out against him. Yet, he was still allowed to have a full campaign with huge enthusiastic cheering crowds wherever he went, his name was fully on the ballot, and he won each of the elections for his two terms with solid landslides.

    Then, right during the time of his term in office, right in his position as president, right in the world renown American landmark of the government facility for the work of the presidency, right with an employee of that landmark government facility, he further did very terrible things. Furthermore, the lies he stated about them — in official government dispositions — added in a whole additional dimension of crime.

    Boruch Hashem though, there absolutely was a gravely serious concentrated effort to remove President Clinton from office. All of the members of the United States Congress and other government officials and lay people who took part in that effort certainly deserve honored credit and appreciation. However, when the United States Senate (which is the section of the government that makes the final decision on presidential removals) voted on the case, the number of senators who voted guilty was far short of the number needed to effect removal. [Both Senators Mitch McConnell and John McCain (who are now strong opponents of President Trump and the candidacy of Judge Roy Moore) DID vote guilty on President Clinton; they obviously deserve good credit for that. For the entire lineup of the Clinton vote, please see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impeachment_of_Bill_Clinton#Senate_votes, with the entire article there as it relates the whole story in detail.]

    So the fierce jumping now on Judge Roy Moore for what he supposedly did four decades ago is clearly severely unfair to him and a gigantic double standard.


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