Hannity: McConnell ‘Deserves A Lot Of The Blame’ For Moore Loss


Fox News host Sean Hannity said Tuesday night that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “deserves a lot of the blame” for Republican Roy Moore’s defeat in the Alabama Senate special election.

“Mo Brooks would have won by 20% of the vote, and McConnell interference hurt badly,” Hannity said, referring to Rep. Mo Brooks, who lost in a Republican primary to Moore and Sen. Luther Strange.

Hannity supported Brooks in the primary.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Fast care to sink a premier member of the GOP. Life is too quick with the hate today.

    Could Reagan have withstood the Hannity hate science? It is not a dream of society to lose character over an election with inherent problems.

    This determines never a good fate.

    Grass dug in hate. Time for a mow.

  2. Hannity ,
    Wake up ! People realize that you are immoral and of very low character . You supported Moore despite the allegations against him and despite that he was kicked out of being a judge twice.
    Most of the people of Alabama voted their conscious and are telling the republican party to stop putting party of morals.
    Maybe you can start by holding trump to some basic standards of human decency?

  3. To anonymous,

    You have no proof to make such accusations. And you have no proof to support the allegations that Moore committed any of the acts that the women are accusing him of. What happened to innocent until proven guilty. Stop letting your emotions get in the way of reason. Look at the facts before you make any inflammatory comments.

    As far as I can see, Roy Moore is being defamed by MSM ffake journalists and DNC hypocrites. He should sue the Wapo for defamation.


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