Hannity: Liberal Hatred Has Reached A Fever Pitch (VIDEO)


Rage and hatred against President Trump and Republicans is turning into violence.



  1. Hannity is playing with hate speech. How dare a white Christian male like him make such hateful statements? He should be charged with a hate crime.

  2. Fish friday man. We eat it all week. Democrats have more sense than Hannity digging in by bad temperance. He would yawn if the Pope had talent.

    Citizen F.

  3. 20th century’s American liberalism is really a type of fascism. American progressives were great fans of Mussolini in 1920s. Nazism, fascism and Stalinism were all socialism-based ideologies.

  4. I didn’t see the clip above but I heard Hannity froth the day after the ball game. And I heard the continuous loop of Democrat crackpots spewing hate speech against Trump. It’s scary – how easily could someone in his position rile up hate against us….


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