Hannity: Koppel Interview Is Example Of ‘Edited Fake News’


Sean calls on CBS News to release the unedited footage of the entire interview.




  1. yes i agree with everything hannity says in this video

    sadly “THE ENTIRE WORLD IS DISHONEST & CORRUPT” not just the media, YOU will also give just your side of the story & convince your psychological mind that you are right & everything you said is honest but behind the scenes you know that thats not true & you just feel that you need to protect your agenda (in this case all the corrupt medias that have an agenda mostly to support the democrats & show a hate of Trump) THIS IS WHAT WE CALL OUR YETZER HARA & its sad to be living in such a dishonest & corrupt generation where torah frum yidden can reach such a low level of dishonesty & corruption.

    The ENTIRE world was destroyed in the days of Noach because it was filled with corruption. none of us want it to happen again Chas V’shalom (Hashem never promised never to destroy the world again he just said it would never happen again by a flood)

    ask yourself now if you are ready to say the FULL STORY (of why you came late somewhere or why you charged a rich customer more then a regular customer etc…) YOU-with your evil inclination/Yetzer hara-will convince yourself that its because you were busy or because its not stealing to charge more cause you decide the price BUT THE HONEST & TRUE FULL STORY is that YOU know its because you were tired & lazy & therefore came late or had a desire for more money & so charged the rich customer more-which we all know is pure stealing & a chillul Hashem.

    bottom line: im ashamed to be living in such a dishonest & corrupt generation, where even frum yidden are so corrupt

    a frum psychologist

  2. Even though I’m not a fan of Hannity and don’t listen to him, he is absolutely right about what happened over here. The old fogies, Ted Koppel & Dan Blather, are oiver ibatul. Btw, the great Ted Koppel NEVER asked Bill Clinton, after he was caught lying in the Monica Lewinsky case, any questions about his infidelity and ability to lead the nation. Uuch, they are the worst of the worst. Pheh.

  3. why wasnt my post posted yet? we know its all the truth. please don’t tell me matzav that you are just as corrupt as CNN & CBS & you are a one sided corrupt agenda news. show everyone your honesty by posting all peoples messages as long as theres no curse words etc… written.

    i know in my message i sent earlier its all honest & coming from a caring frum psychologist who is trying to help people wake up & realize themselves & their mistakes so they can become honest & upright people again & help bring Mashaich closer

    Please post my original message

    Thank you


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