‘Hannity’ Fans Boycotts Keurigs After Company Pulls Ads From Show


Single-serving coffee-maker Keurig is in hot water with “Hannity” fans after the Vermont company decided to pull its ads from Sean Hannity’s TV show.

The company stopped running ads during Hannity’s 9 p.m. timeslot on Fox News channel after he defended Senate candidate Roy Moore amid some inappropriate allegations about the Alabama Republican.

But the move garnered splashback from Hannity supporters, who are now calling for a boycott and even smashing their coffee makers on video.

“@Keurig I just want you to know that my family owns five Keurig’s, each one was just thrown out. good job listening to Lib lunatics who don’t even have jobs. #BoycottKeurig,” tweeted user @RosaleeShawn. Read more at NEW YORK POST.



  1. Those who continue to support Roy Moore despite the volume of his accusers are probably on the opposite side politically of those who continue support Bill Cosby despite the (even larger) number of those who accuse him.
    Isn’t it incredible how easily the malady of willful blindness crosses the political divide?

    • Anonymous 12:18, so if you are accused of an immoral act that allegedly happened four decades ago and went unreported all this time, by a political activist that has a political disagreement with you, while no such accusations never came up in the seventy years of your life, then a scepticism regarding truth of the allegation is “willful blindness”?! And I won’t even mention how the same socialist media and DemocRatic party not only closed their eyes on Bill Clinton, but even promoted him – the same manipulative hypocrites who suddenly became all so moral when Moore is smeared.

      • If it was just one person making accusations about Moore, then you’d be correct. However, several corroborating witnesses have come forward confirming that his accuser said the same thing at the time he allegedly did it. Additionally, several of Moore’s acquaintances from that time confirmed that he had an affinity for high-schoolers while he was in his thirties.

        Read the story if the number of accusers are important to you. The details are not appropriate for a frum website, but (per the Washington Post) more than thirty people were interviewed.

        No argument about Bill Clinton.

        • “several corroborating witnesses” sounds like the same “witnesses” who accuse Trump of collaborating with Russia and “witnesses” who brought some “allegations” against Trump’s morality. NEVER TRUST A LIBERAL DEMOCRAT. They’re all Hillary kinds of corrupt selfish crooks.

        • FYI, it was recently in real news that Trump took down dozens of “current” “elite” pedophiles including politicians, government officials and celebrities.

        • Anonymous 3:28, your “number of witnesses” argument reminds me of a galach trying to prove yoshka. Isn’t it highly suspicious that all these allegedly abused girls waited for 40 years to report Moore who has been publicly visible all this time, and these middle-aged girls happen to be DemocRatic activists. It’s not a number but a quality of witnesses that matter. Just because you take a thousand eunuchs doesn’t mean you can produce a baby.

          • In between your silly and somewhat vulgar mosholim, you drop the wholly inaccurate “fact” that Moore’s accusers are “Democratic activists”. This is demonstrably false – they were reluctant to come forward and are by no means “activists”. Your refusal to accept witness accounts, no matter how numerous, is *exactly* what those who disbelieve the Cosby accusers did.

          • Anonymous 11:20, it is you who are silly and vulgar by denying that Gibson, who is the one accusing of the four decades old physical contact and who is the one who came out first thereby causing other copycats and/or activists, has worked for Clinton’s campaign as an interpreter and had numerous anti Trump Twitter and Facebook postings. Perhaps you should try becoming a christian missionary – your feeble-minded “lots of inferior proofs magically translate into truth” argument would feel right at home.

          • Even your “facts” are wrong. The first accuser is a Republican, as are other accusers. At least some of them voted for President Trump.
            Now according to you the first accuser is a liar, the subsequent four accusers are copycat liars, the thirty or so witnesses to their statements years ago are liars, the mall employees who said Moore was booted for leering at teenagers are liars, the people who said that for years it was known that Moore was interested in teenagers are liars, the waitresses who said Moore would leer at them are liars, the Washington Post reporters who had to push the women to come forward are liars (or were fooled), the many Republicans who now find the accusations credible are fools or RINOs, etc, etc. For some reason, I suspect that no number of witnesses would convince you that Moore has done anything wrong – they’d all automatically be liars.

            Do you know the meaning of the words “vulgar” and “silly”? Here’s one more for you: “childish”.

      • Yep. The best way of being honest (with yourself, at least) is to evaluate the accused and the accusers as if you knew nothing about their political leanings. It may not be fun, but at least you know you’re honestly claiming the moral high ground when you actually do defend somebody.

  2. What happened to the law of the land PRESUMED INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW?
    Besides, this happened 38 years ago! Didn’t things happen in Oval Office more recently?

  3. To the woman who is commenting about hypocrisy it is not that we don’t care what he’s done it but we don’t want liberals in control.when they do something wrong or Are accused of doing something wrong they demand that we wait for a verdict but when they’re the ones making the accusation the only thing that ever matters is the seriousness of the charge

  4. I’m at the Liberals care so much about immoral behavior they should close down Hollywood and Demand women dress appropriately but as we all know they really don’t care about the issue

  5. SINGLE MICRO CUPS. what coffee drinker uses those ridiculous little tea cups for coffee.
    and more
    I WANT MY CORNED BEEF ON RYE GREASY and FATTY and SLOPPY with old fashion deli mustard.
    Don’t tell me its not healthy. YOU GO GRAZING in the grass worried if your eating poison mushrooms.
    gimme a side order of fries and a JUMBO ROOTBEER.

  6. When you become so attached to a political party, you lose your sense of morality. You can be a talk show host and spend years talking about morality and gow important it is, but then when someone you like does the same thing, you completely ignore it. It is really what you should expect from Rush and Hannity, but we should expect more from people who claim to care about morality

  7. Good thought. Breitbart wants to belittle and beg off Kelloggs. Now the GOP is after the coffee. My thought is our radical pluralistic republican is going to soon have nothing left to enjoy breakfast. My how violent they become.


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