Hannity Blasts ‘Fake News Jake’ Tapper For ‘Taking Marching Orders’ From Jeff Zucker


Fox News host Sean Hannity slammed the “Destroy Trump Media” for being “braindead” and “hypnotized” with their hatred for President Trump, calling it a “horror show unfolded before our eyes.”

“Mental fitness? Really?” Hannity reacted. “Now, in a way, I feel sorry for ‘Fake News Jake.’ He has to take his marching orders from his Trump-hating soon-to-be-scandal-plagued boss, Jeff Zucker who’s best friends with Matt Lauer.” Read more.




  1. Hey, Mr. Vannity. Is it always about you? Why are you any better than Hillary Clinton? Remember to open the seltzer bottles before Shabbos.

  2. Jake Tapper is a jerk but so is Hannity. Who has better ideas. Tapper is not making it well this era but he is still to have his job. It appears Hannity too. Maybe they will just go back home and sleep it off for a few weeks and return to look better. They can do it. I wonder who has better mind.


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