Hannity Apologizes for False Smear of McCain


Fox News host Sean Hannity apologized on Thursday after amplifying a false story on Twitter which accused Sen. John McCain of asking for campaign donations from Russians and called him a “global war criminal.”

The article was from The Gateway Pundit, a fringe website that often publishes unsubstantiated stories. On Wednesday night, Hannity amplified the message in a tweet, writing: “Wow if true.” The tweet was deleted the following morning, and Hannity apologized: “I retweeted an inaccurate article. Apologies to @SenJohnMcCain.” Earlier Thursday, McCain’s spokeswoman called on Hannity to “correct the record.” Read more at MEDIAITE.



  1. How can someone who considers themselves a serious journo possibly retweet such an explosive post without vetting it? Has being a member of Chasedei Trump removed all common sense from Mr. Hannity? Mind boggling. Maybe Hannity should ask Dan Rather how allowing one’s personal biases to bypass their vetting process affects one’s career.


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