Hanegbi Downplays Gaza Strikes, Calls 500 Rocket Attacks ‘Minor’


Likud Minister Tzachi Hanegbi on Thursday downplayed Hamas’ rocket attacks in justifying prime minister’s decision not to launch a military operation in Gaza.

“Hamas had a reason to attack,” Hanegbi said in an interview with Galei Tzahal radio, referencing the gun battle between IDF forces and Hamas earlier this week during which 7 terrorists were eliminated.

“Hamas’ revenge was minor. Overall, out of 470 rockets, it succeeded in killing one Palestinian.”

“In the end, 500 kids would come back in coffins if they entered Gaza, so lets measure proportions.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. What a dumb statement. Why cant they just say the true reason if they get rid of Hamas then Abbas will move in to replace them. Right now abbas only represents part of the Palastinians This is much easier for Israel to deal with.

  2. “In the end, 500 kids would come back in coffins if they entered Gaza, so lets measure proportions.”

    The guy is 100% right.

    What is the logic being thinking otherwise?

    Even those who are against the ceasefire probably don’t really believe any lives will be saved in the long or short term by fighting further. They are just looking for an excuse to go to new elections

  3. Israeli leaders should refrain from bombastic statements after attacks and also refrain from minimizing their importance. The Israeli people want and need announcement-free, effective action, which politicians in and out of the military keep avoiding.

  4. You see? John Kerry was right. The Israelis love to exaggerate. We know this was all done to curry favor with those gullible Republican congressmen.


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