Hamas Would Return Soldiers’ Bodies In Return For An Airport


Hamas has told Egypt it is prepared to make a “comprehensive deal” with Israel that will include returning the Israelis it is holding in Gaza in exchange for the establishment of an airport and seaport, the pro-Hezbollah Al-Akhbar newspaper reported on Thursday.

Hamas has been holding the bodies of IDF soldiers Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul since the 2014 Operation Protective Edge.

In addition, two Israeli civilians who went missing in Gaza – Avera Mengistu and Hisham al-Sayed – are believed to be held by Hamas as well.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Maybe they should also give them some f15s perhaps an a bomb as well (to be used for peaceful purposes of course)

  2. Don’t do it.
    Just keep shooting them in the legs, till every terrorist family has an invalid at home “kain-yirbu”.

  3. Instead of blackmailing Israel for seaports and airports to get more powerful weapons, how about they return the captives and bodies or we close the checkpoints that bring them all their supplies from Israel? If the world complains about it, tell them they can go to the Egypt side and get their supplies— ha, ha

  4. Hatzolas nefashos may permit some risks to be taken, but kavod hamais, as hugely important as it is, does not. These bloodthirsty murderers should not be offered anything that could be used to harm us in exchange for the niftarim, H”yd.

  5. Israel should give them the airport they request in exchange for the two MIA soldiers. Their families are grieving! It’s about time we get their bodies back!

    Oh, one caveat! Line the runway with mines – Hamas style!!

  6. I dont understand why Israel provides Gaza with daily supplies full of trucks.

    If it’s for moral reasons – it’s not moral to breed terrorists

    If it’s for the world stage – the world is anti Israel regardless

    If it’s for your ego – stop being egoistic and trust me- they’ll come running to the table when they have no Israeli supplies anything.

    You have to think and act smart.
    Look what trump did to Iran! Iran are scared. They are worried about what Trump will do next.

    Look at North Korea – they knew if they keep up with their rhetoric Trump WILL not be worried about PRESSING his golden button.

    We need strength.

    Netanyahu. Live up to it. I know you can.


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