Hamas: Revealed Tunnel Was for Kidnapping Another Israeli


hamas-moussa-abu-marzoukThe tunnel from Gaza to the fields of Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha was meant to facilitate the capture of an Israeli and holding him or her as a bargaining chip, senior Hamas official Moussa Abu Marzouk confirmed.

“The tunnel which was revealed was extremely costly in terms of money, effort and blood,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “All of this is meaningless when it comes to freeing our heroic prisoners.”

He went on to detail the lucrative nature of the Gilad Shalit deal, in which 1,027 prisoners were released.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Eila Barechev ViEila BaSusim VaAnachnu B’Sheim Hashem Elokeinu Nazkir.

    Hashem protects us from the arabs, let’s continue davening that Hashem continues protecting us from the Sonei Yisroel in the world. Arabs are very into their davening, let’s become into our davening so that they can’t be better than us and use that to win over us Chas V’Shalom


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