Hamas Rejects UN Textbooks for Teaching Non-Violence


hamas-kidsThe Hamas government in Gaza accused UNRWA on Tuesday of unlawfully printing and disseminating school textbooks dealing with human rights in a way that offends Palestinian cultural sensitivities.

Education Ministry spokesman Mu’tasim Al-Minawi said, “The vast majority of examples [in the books] refer to [Mahatma] Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Helen Suzman, the Soweto Uprising, the Magna Carta and Apartheid,” and focused on “peaceful resistance as the only way of achieving freedom and independence.”

Al-Minawi charged that the entire curriculum is dedicated “to domesticate the psyche of the Palestinian pupil, fostering negative feelings toward armed resistance.”

The ministry called on UNRWA to stop teaching its current human rights curriculum and called on all teachers to refuse to teach the material, which “contaminates the minds of our dear students.”

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Who does UNRWa think they are? they have no jurisdiction on internal educational models for the Gazans. secondly, it is antithetical to the Gazans’ entire philopsophy. what are they thinking?

  2. the impudence of UNRWA continues unabated as once again they deign to promulgate their outdated educational models on a progressive Gazan society

  3. Huh? Either commentators 1-9 didn’t read the article or they are Arabs infiltrating this site. The UN is a disaster but it seems here that they’re attempting to do something semi-sensible.

  4. to #10: what exactly do you disagree with in #1-9? they are a viewpoint promulgated by variegated minds and feflect a hue and vista of millions.

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