Hamas Praises ‘Heroic’ Terror Attack, Calls For ‘Day of Rage’ On Friday


A Hamas spokesman praised a terror attack in the Givat Assaf on Thursday, calling it “heroic,” but stopped short of claiming responsibilty.

Two Israelis were killed and two others were severely injured in the drive-by shooting near the Ofra settlement, medics and officials said. The shoooter escaped the scene but was later captured by IDF unit trying to pass a checkpoint disguised as an Israeli soldier.

“The heroic Silwad operation is a response to the Zionist occupation’s crimes and behavior in the occupied West Bank,” Abdelatif al-Qanou, a spokesman for the terror group, wrote on Twitter, referring to a Palestinian village near Ofra. “The West Bank’s youth and men will remain rebels against the occupation and continue to clash with it until it is banished.”


Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. Such peace-loving people. But for the Kahshoggi killing, Congress feels the need to enact restrictions and regulations.
    Stupid, Stupid, Stupid


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