Hamas Official: ‘Netanyahu, Lieberman, We Are Coming To Chop Off Your Heads!’


Hamas Political Bureau member Fathi Hammad, former Hamas minister of the interior, gave an address at a July 12 rally in Gaza, in which he said that “the cleansing of Palestine of the filth of the Jews, and their uprooting from it” would happen by 2022.

“The second thing is the establishment of the Caliphate, after the nation has been healed of its cancer—the Jews—Allah willing,” said Hammad, stressing that despite Hamas’s participation in the peaceful Return March, they had not abandoned the military path of Jihad.

His statements aired on the Al-Jazeera network. In another rally, on July 13, Hammad threatened Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, saying: “We are coming to chop your heads off your necks!”

The July 13 rally was broadcast by the Hamas-owned Al-Aqsa TV channel.



  1. Are we davening in our West Bank yet? I guess Ishmael is so careful that he can boast all day long. I give 10 wishes to each boast. Look at the map and imagine tomorrows minyan. It is coming.

    Boast Ishmael boast. Your dry land is the only thing you get. Israel answers back.

    Netanyahu take away the abominations. Crabs are only for the graves of antisemites. Throw them in the sea to have the lost feeling of knowing their ancestors deserve to be walked over by abominations. Why does Israel have to put up with this? Our own people are walking over all of us with Abominations.

    I am now new to the Tea Party. I was a democrat. I guess its right. Do not tread on me. The arabs are enough but worse even the jews who want their abominations. They are treading on Israel. We should all have the Gadsden flag. How can Jacob stand when his family or anyone in the jewish faith wants to hate the kosher advantage of jewish right? Its right to speak. They may move next door to you. Do not tread on me. We will finish this war.

    • Good to see that I’m not the only one who’s noticed. I wish Matzav would censor the comments with just a bit more judiciousness.

  2. Last nights masses gathered for an Atzeres Zaakah regarding the terrible Gzeiros of שמד in E Y was a sell out.

    Harav Ahron Shechter Shlita called for the asifa at camp Morris.

    B”H Many Roshei Yeshivos were in attendence.

    Harav A Shechter adreessed the crowd with shockingly energy for his age and usual strenghths. He bemoaned the terrible gzeiros in both Giyus Bnei Yeshivos and giyos Bonos, going on to say a Mamar on the Maadreiga of Yitzchock Ovinu and the power of being “Kulo LaHashem like a Korban Oleh”. The Rosh Yeshiva Said “We will not give in even one inch”.

    Harav Malkiel Kpotler then adrrressed the crowd, speaking about the terrible sittuation we are in and the magnitude of the tradgety of the new Law. With deep insights as to the our obligation to do Teshuva, and the terrible gzeira on the Torah itself, which threatens both the spiritual ans physical welbeing of our brothers in E Y.

    In Beis Feiga a big crowd wall to wall watched the speeches through a live hookup

    Harav Yisrael Brog who flew in special from Cleveland for the Lakewood Asifa at Bais Feiga, said over from his Rebbe R’ Meir Soleveithchik ZT”L who called him personally a few years ago and instructed him to speak about this issue of Schmad. In his charismatic manor the Rosh Yeshiva brought to life the hatred and threat from the Zionists to uproot all that is holy to us.

    After that Tzibur recited Tehilim with great emotion.

    • Thank you for the Chizuk. Your report from Camp Morris is very encouraging to me. The other website was spewing venom like I’ve never seen before. Thank you Matzav.com for standing up to true kavod Hatorah. Please don’t allow the am aratzim to denigrate our Torah leaders.

  3. Likely would and wouldn’t got mixed up in the reporting!
    How could anyone in their right mind think that Hamas would want to do such a thing!!! They’re such a ‘piece’ loving people! They would never do something so horrific!

  4. i dont understand. how come the rest of the world doesnt hear this hatred? why is the subject of a 2 state ‘solution’ even being discussed? is this rant being shown only on frum peoples computers?

  5. Yidineh, sadly, that’s the anti-Semitism of today’s world! It’s the sad reality! They don’t hear it; they don’t see it and they’re turning a blind eye! The UNinterested and the EU are complicit. Just look what’s going on in Europe!!! אנו אין לנו לסמוך אלא על אבינו שבשמים. We’ve got to tell ourselves that אל תבטחו בנדיבים is real. It’s only Hashem!

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