Hamas: No Cease-Fire with Israel until Demands Are Met


hamasThe Hamas terrorists say that they will not agree to a cease-fire with Israel until their demands were met, offering little hope for quick progress toward ending the conflict that has inflicted heavy costs on each side.

Seven more Israeli soldiers were killed in fierce fighting Monday, bringing the Israeli military toll to 27 dead. More than 560 people in Gaza have been reported killed. Palestinians fired more than 100 rockets at Israel on Monday, including three at Tel Aviv.

Meanwhile, as reported yesterday here on Matzav, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Cairo on Monday to broker a cease-fire, but he is likely to find that the urgency he feels is not shared by the main protagonists. As former National Security Council head Giora Eiland pointed out on Monday, the three main sides to a cease-fire – Israel, Hamas and Egypt – don’t at this point have an overwhelming sense of urgency.

Israel, having made the decision to launch a ground incursion – and now paying a heavy price as a result – will not want to stop until it has significantly degraded Hamas’ operational capabilities. Hamas, too, is not in any great rush to stop the firing. In Hamas’ thinking, by continuing the fighting they have little to lose: Israel will come under increasing pressure as the Palestinian civilian casualty rate rises, and one of their “spectacular” attacks may succeed.

Egypt is definitely not shedding any tears over the beating Hamas is taking. Nor is Egypt necessarily sad to see Israel bleed.

May Hashem protect Am Yisroel and bring an end to the tragedies and difficulties.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}



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