Hamas Leader: We’ll Capture More Soldiers


mashaalHamas leader Khaled Mashaal is threatening to capture more Israeli soldiers in order to win the release of Palestinian prisoners. In a speech in Damascus, Syria, Mashaal congratulated the Palestinian people on Israel’s release today of 19 female prisoners in return for a video of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. The Hamas leader promised to work for the release of thousands of Palestinians held by Israel.He said those who were able to capture Shalit and hold him safely for more than three years are capable of capturing “Shalit, and Shalit, and Shalit until there is not even one prisoner in the enemy’s jails.”

Haniyeh said the swap was a great victory for the Palestinian resistance.

“This is an achievement for the Palestinian factions that captured Shalit,” he said at a press conference in Gaza.

{Ynet/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Freeing gilad shilit, is only going to cause a situation where 10 others will be filling his place. Just what hamas leader is claiming it will do. It is a real sad situation for Gilad, his family and friends, but at what price is he being freed. Nobody is listening to their Sechal, only their hearts,and that’s DANGEROUS!!!
    Already 20 terrorists have been released and for what? 2 minutes of sensation! How many more will be released? How many of those released will go on to murder in cold blood more innocent Jews? And what message are we sending to the Arabs? According to this article,the message they are getting is terrorism pays. They kidnapped a soldier and are getting murders freed, so it pays to kidnap more soldiers and get more murders freed.


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