Hamas, Israel Agree on Long-Term Truce As Terrorists Celebrate “Victory”


israel-humanitarian-work-gazaIsraeli will hopefully quiet once again after Egypt brokered a long-term truce to stop the fighting. According to Palestinian officials, Israel has agreed to ease the blockade of Gaza to allow in aid and construction supplies. According to a Hamas website, Egypt will bring the sides back together in a month to discuss major issues.

The question is whether Hamas will stop firing rockets at Israel.

President Mahmoud Abbas today announced the long-term ceasefire agreement.
In a short televised address, Abbas said the agreement would go into effect at 7 p.m.

“We confirm complete appreciation to the Egyptian efforts which started long ago seeking to satisfy all sides. Qatar also played a role in that. We also would like to mention that (US Secretary of State John) Kerry was also in touch with us for the same purpose and so we thank all those who played roles,” Abbas said.

“We discussed several necessary things with Hamas leaders in Qatar in order to enable the national consensus government to do its job,” he continued.”

“During these 50 days or more, we exerted every effort to provide our people with the supplies they needed. Some supplies were from us and others from our friends. But still this isn’t enough. … People in Gaza need a lot more. Quick support is needed to try and heal the wound which was inflicted on Gaza.”

For his part, deputy chief of Hamas’ politburo Mousa Abu Marzouq wrote on his Twitter account that “talks have ended. We have reached understandings crowning our people’s steadfastness and our resistance’s triumph. We are awaiting a statement setting the zero point and end to the aggression.”

Israel has pledged to stop targeted assassinations against Palestinian terrorists.$

A round of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians would start in Cairo a month later to discuss unresolved issues.

Palestinian factions, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad, have accepted the newly reached ceasefire agreement.

Spokesman of the military wing of the Popular Resistance Committees Abu Mujahid also told Ma’an that a permanent ceasefire agreement would go into effect this evening.
{Matzav.com Israel/Maan News}


  1. Until today I thought Netanyahu was only fighting half heartedly because he knew if Hamas lost he would have to deal with Abbas (read peace treaty) In the end Hamas wins and he has to deal with Abbas anyhow.

  2. NO there will NEVER be peace between Israel & hamas EVEN IF ISRAEL GAVE OVER THE ENTIRE ERETZ YISROEL TO THEM doesn’t anyone understand the life of muslims i.e. bnei yishmael, they believe that they have a commandment to kill jews just like we have a mitzvah to destroy amalek.

    so no matter what you give them they wont stop & will even kill themselves to kill jews. doesn’t Netanyahu & other politicians (Israeli or any other for that matter) know that?

  3. I wish Netanyahu would tell people what game he is playing, but it is not anything about winning anything. If WWII was fought this way we would be still fighting it today. Bibi appears to be playing one rocket to me one rocket to you, etc. I asked how did Israel win a war in 6 days with how many countries, and Bibi can’t even get control of a small area. Maybe they should ask Bibi did he get permission from Lobama to win or just settle.

  4. I think that we should all realize that a new learning z’man is starting in Yeshivos throughout the world. The Koach of the Torah is our only protection, and as the Torah is once again on it’s high pedestal, and B”H we have the protection of the Torah to stop the missiles.

  5. #4, my friend, your feelings are understood. Israel has the capability to destroy Hamas in about six seconds. Of course, this truce is not a “permanent solution”. I think Bibi simply wants to provide Israel a sizable respite from all those rockets after so many weeks of air raid sires constantly wailing throughout the land. I am sure Bibi realizes that Hamas exists for one sole purpose (as #3 has touched upon): Hamas exists solely to kill Jews.

    What a long and bitter Golus!


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