Hamas Chief Declares Victory Over Israel


ismail-haniyeh“We won,” said Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in his first statement since the ceasefire on Tuesday.  “The military victory by the resistance, and the legendary strength of our people will lead us to a lifting of the blockage on the Gaza Strip,” said the former prime minister of Hamas in the Strip in a formal statement released on the terror organization’s media outlets, according to Yediot Achronot.

The Hamas chief said that Palestinian unity helped reach the agreement in Egypt. “A unified people stood behind our delegation in Cairo. We complied with all the diplomatic procedures and contacted our brothers in Qatar and Turkey and, now, in Egypt in order to end the aggression.”

Haniyeh stressed that “what the enemy could not achieve on the physical battlefield it will not achieve in the diplomatic battlefield.

The leader of Hamas’ political bureau said: “I am confident that our Egyptian and Arab brothers all want to help lift the blockage permanently. We support the unified Palestinian delegation in order to produce the most appropriate diplomatic solution and to bring about a resolution that would reflect both the immeasurable sacrifices of our people and the work of the resistance. The delegation stuck to our demands.”

Yediot Achronot reported that he added that with the start of the ceasefire “the image of destruction seen by the world is the proof to the extent of the IDF’s defeat and its failure in fighting the brave resistance.”

The Hamas political leader said the organization “will be loyal to our people who were hurt by the brutal aggression. The blood spilled by the deceased and the injured is the leadership’s responsibility, we will not abandon them.”

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Saddam Hussein and his spokesman, Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf(affectionately known as “Baghdad Bob”), spewed the same kind of fantasy drivel – until they were caught and killed.

    One can only hope this idiot meets the same fate.

  2. “the image of destruction seen by the world is the proof to the extent of the IDF’s defeat and its failure in fighting the brave resistance.”

  3. Gee. Did they run out of body bags? Victory for Hamas is an owl in the sky that offers the jury a dusk mood. There is no freedom in listing the voice of liberty last. Never again.

  4. If this is what you call a victory, I hope you have many more.
    2000 dead
    5 Billion in damages
    All tunnels destroyed
    Most Arab countries against you

    Mazal Tov on your victory.

  5. 2000 TERRORISTS DEAD and many HOMELESS doesn’t sound like a WIN . The Palestinian people need to rise up AGAINST HAMAS for this destruction and DEAD . The PA should rule Gaza and they would have FOOD, SHELTER, HOUSING, SCHOOLS instead of TUNNELS & ROCKETS

  6. Of course they will be loyal to their people and build them back their homes. They need the basements in the homes to dig tunnels.
    Very cute that he declares victory. I wonder why they wanted cease fire. If they are doing so well why do they want cease fire?

  7. You have abandoned them by using your people as human shields, and by spending millions on building tunnels instead of building schools and hospitals for your people. What a fake!

  8. “We will not abandon them.” Does that mean that you will increase the size of your bunkers so that there will be room for them too, next time it’s necessary?

  9. Is it a Halacha that one MUST go up to the Catskills for Shabbos Nachamu? Is it an Avaira to stay in Brooklyn?

  10. may allah help you have next time the same victory you claim but with instead of 1800 animals it should be 1000 times bigger which is 1.8 mil


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