Hamas Cancels Gaza Anniversary Rally Because Of Money Problems


gaza hamasThe Gaza Strip’s ruling Hamas terrorist movement has cancelled its anniversary rally, saying it was inappropriate to celebrate at a time of deep economic woes in the territory.

It is the first time the Islamic terrorist group has cancelled the rally since seizing power six years ago. Hamas has used the elaborate annual commemoration of its December 1987 founding to demonstrate its control, with large military-style gatherings attended by hundreds of thousands of people.

The decision illustrates how hard the Gaza economy has been hit since Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s Islamist president and Hamas’s main patron, was ousted in a military coup in July. Morsi hails from the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas’s parent movement, and sought to improve ties with the Islamic militant group. Read more here.

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Looks like paying murderer’s families and diverting American and European funds to their own pockets takes precedence. That’s fiscal responsibility.


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