Hamas Can Hit Tel Aviv, Yerushalayim with Dozens of Rockets


hamas-rocketsHamas has substantially bolstered its capacity to fire on Yerushalayim, Tel Aviv and the rest of central Israel, the Times of Israel reports.

Hamas has invested heavily in producing M-75 rockets with a range of 75 km. and more. They have dozens of these rockets and will have dozens more by the end of this year.

In November 2012, only 10 M-75 rockets were launched at central Israel and Jerusalem, so the current threat is seen as many times more serious.

At the same time, Hamas has committed considerable resources to the construction of a substantial network of tunnels which will immensely complicate future military confrontations for Israel.

Israel’s military assessment is that another round of conflict is simply a matter of time.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}



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