Hamas Calls For Intifada In Response To Gaza Deaths


Hamas called for an uprising on Monday night after violent clashes on the Gaza border killed 52 Palestinians.

“The natural reaction to the death of people who were protesting peacefully should be with an Arab and Islamic intifada (uprising),” said Khalil al-Hayya, the deputy Hamas leader.

“The Palestinian response must be clear in Gaza and in the West Bank. There is no other choice but to light the fire in Gaza and in the West Bank in response to what happened.”

Read more at YNet.



  1. Hamas’s plan of action since day one: send men women and children to kill Israelis ה ישמור, when Israel kills the רודפים (or perhaps when they kill their own in the chaos to frame Israel) cry to the world “not fair! “. Now we must murder any Jew we see! They prove with their own words and actions that they are רוצחים because they justify murder of non combatant men women and children.


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