Halverson: Langert Is My Running Mate


lakewood-township-committeeBy Hal Halverson

I am honored to be given the opportunity to run for Township Committee alongside Steven Langert. During Steven’s tenure on the Township Committee, we have seen a major change in direction for our township. Starting with his forming the Citizen Tax Review Commission, ordinary citizens have been given the opportunity to review the budget in detail and make suggestions for changes. I cannot think of a better description of “transparency” than the open budget process we have had under Steven’s tenure.

That said, I am dismayed that unauthorized advertisements have been issued and circulated with my name in them. After being approached by friends wondering if I have changed my running mate, it seems clear to me that Mr. Hershel Herskowitz’s intent is to mislead the public. That certainly is not what I would characterize as the transparency or the honesty to which both Steve Langert and I are committed.

I am committed to a campaign with one goal: the betterment of life for Lakewood’s citizens, not petty politicking. In these challenging times, the need for mature, sober and serious leadership is greater than ever. Despite the efforts of some to co-opt my candidacy and attach themselves to me, I reject those efforts. I have had no more than one or two conversations with Mr. Herskowitz and I am in no way aligned with his candidacy or his agenda.

What is important is the fact that there have been no municipal tax increases in two years although, as we all know, costs continue to increase. Not only have the taxes remained stable; but in sharp contrast to other towns, our level of services has also remained steady.

Lakewood is faced with big challenges as the township develops into the largest municipality in Ocean County and a “top ten” city in New Jersey. Our consistent growth calls for a strong business skillset to help guide us. I bring a long history of practical business experience to the Township Committee, and I believe I will be a positive fit with Steven Langert’s track record. Together we can have a positive progressive government that builds on the success of the last several years.

Thank you for your support.

Hal Halvorsen (the REAL HH) 732-901-1309

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  1. it is true that on paper there wre no TAX increases, BUT a 6.2 million dollar bond was added to our debt burden to kick the ball down the road.

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