Haley: “If We Extend a Hand in Friendship to Palestinians, We Do Not Expect Our Hand to Be Bitten”


U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley told the UN Security Council on Tuesday: “In the last three months, the terrorist flaming swastika kites that have crossed over from Gaza into Israel have damaged or destroyed 7,500 acres of land. Now Israel is a small country. The equivalent proportion of land in the United States would be the size of the entire state of Connecticut. In France, the equivalent would be 10 times the entire land area of the city of Paris….While the international media pays very careful attention to every step Israel takes in self-defense, we must not lose sight of the very real damage that is being done to Israel from terrorist attacks coming from Gaza.

“Last year, Iran’s contribution to UNRWA was zero. Algeria’s contribution to UNRWA was zero. Tunisia’s contribution to UNRWA was zero….China provided $350,000 to UNRWA. Russia provided $2 million to UNRWA. The U.S. gave $364 million….And that’s on top of what the American people give annually to the Palestinians in bilateral assistance. That is another $300 million just last year….Since 1993…the United States has provided over $6 billion…in bilateral assistance to Palestinians….Americans are very generous people….But we are not fools. If we extend a hand in friendship and generosity, we do not expect our hand to be bitten.

“If [the Arab countries] really cared about the Palestinian people…they would condemn extremism and they would put forth serious ideas for compromises that could end this struggle and lead to a better life for the Palestinian people. They would tell the Palestinian leadership how foolish they look for condemning a peace proposal they haven’t even seen yet. The Palestinian leadership has been allowed to live a false reality for too long because Arab leaders are afraid to tell them the truth. The United States is telling the truth because we do care about the Palestinian people.”




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