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Question: I bought a dozen eggs and many of them had blood spots. Can I demand a new tray of eggs?

Answer: You should be entitled to return the eggs, since we do not eat eggs with blood spots. However, the Shulchan Aruch writes that nowadays the practice is not to return them, and that in this context the common practice (minhag) supersedes halacha. (C.M. 232:19) This is because the laws of buying and selling depend on the understanding between the involved parties, and everybody buys and sells based on the common commercial practice.

Similarly, if an animal is slaughtered and found to be treif, the Shulchan Aruch rules that the seller has to refund the money. (232:11) However, Pischei Teshuva writes that apparently the custom nowadays is not so and the custom prevails, so that Beis Din has to verify the local practice in each place. (232:6)

This principle is significant in other situations where the common commercial practice is at variance with the standard halacha, as we will see in the next issue.

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Authored by Rabbi Meir Orlian

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  1. according to the Rama, before using eggs in food, one should check to see if there are any blood spots. However, if it was not done, it is permitted to eat a hard boiled egg which was not checked beforehand since we can rely on the fact that most eggs are not fertilized.27 One who notices a blood spot on the food after it is cooked should remove the blood spot. This can occur when egg yolk is used to glaze challah or bread.28 The food is nonetheless permitted

  2. also some People would have a separate egg pot or cook three eggs at a time so if one of them would have a blood spot, it would be butel b’rov and all the eggs would be permitted…but apparently according to kashrut.com, its not necessary because chance of finding blood spot now adays in eggs is very rare


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