Hakomas Matzeivah Held at Kever of Leiby Kletzky z”l


leiby-kletzkyLeiby Kletzky’s countenance remains etched in the hearts of Yidden across the globe, who will never forget the saga of last summer, when the news of his tragic petirah became known.

Yesterday, eleven months after his passing, a matzeivah was erected at the site of his kever at the Washington Cemetery in Deans, NJ.

Leiby’s father, Reb Nachman Kletzky, accompanied by his rov, Rav Binyomin Eisenberger, mara d’asra of Khal Heichal HaTefillah of Boro Park, led a group of about 25 men to the kever, where Tehillim was said and Keil Molei Rachamim was recited.

With one month to Leiby’s first yahrtzeit on 11 Tammuz, the emotional group beseeched the Ribono Shel Olam for rachamim. As tears fell freely, they prayed that Leiby serve as a meilitz yosher for his wonderful parents, Reb Nachman and Itta Kletzky, and that Klal Yisroel be spared from any further tzaros.

The matzeivah – with an acrostic identifying him by his name, Yehudah ben Nachman – describes Leiby as a “yeled nechmad vena’im yorei vetomim,” calling him a “korban tzibbur” and describing how all of Klal Yisroel was moved to tefillah and teshuvah as a result of his heartbreaking petirah.

Among those present at the hakomas matzeivah was Rabbi Paysach Krohn, noted mohel, author and speaker, who joined the others in singing R’ Abie Rotenberg’s soul-stirring niggun, Acheinu Kol Bais Yisroel.

May Leiby’s neshamah continue to have an aliyah, and may Reb Nachman and Itta Kletzky, along with their children and extended family, have a nechamah.

Hamakom yeracheim eleim veyotzi’eim mitzarah lirvacha umei’afeilah le’orah.

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  1. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of this precious neshomo who I never even met……..
    al eileh ani bochia…..

  2. anyone remembers what the wake-up call from Hashem was of the Kletzky tragedy?

    During the month of june 2011-over the time of 2 weeks-3 tzaddikim, from 3 different corners of the world left to the Olam Haemes (true world) & they’re names were Harav Yitzchok Dov Koppelman ZT”L from Europe, Harav Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz ZT”L from Eretz Yisroel & Harav Chaim Stein ZT”L from the U.S.A. When a tragedy like this strikes the world everyone is asking what is the message from Hashem?. The RAMCHAL in Sefer Derech Hashem quotes, when klal yisroel is in a state of Sinning R”L, suffering & pain may be imposed upon a tzaddik as an atonement for his entire generation. In doing so the Tzaddik is raised to a level of leadership in Gan eden. When THREE tzaddikim are niftar in a matter of two weeks, Hashem is already on the level of begging klal yisroel to just start Teshuva & show a sign of remorse & repentance so that it does not need to continue Chas V’shalom on to a fourth tzaddik. Then These 3 Tzaddikim (above) were not enough. so this time Hashem sent a DIFFERENT KIND of tzaddik-a boy at the age of 8 R”L who has not sinned yet-to wake us all up to come to teshuva & STOP KEEP ON PUSHING IT OFF. This tragic event-of Leiby Kletzky- brought Achdus (unity) to klal yisroel but it was not enough to bring klal yisroel to confess & start doing teshuva so Hashem took 3 more tzaddikim away to the olam Haemes to wake us up to teshuva- Rabbi Dunner from England, The spinka rebbe of Yerushalyim at the early age of 79 & the next day the Baba Sali’s grandson Rav Elazar Abuchatzeirah was Stabbed to Death by another yid- that makes 7 Tzaddikim niftar in a matter of 5 weeks. will this be enough or will it need to continue? that is up to all of us.



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