Haircuts This Week: Consideration


scissorsThose who keep the first Sefirah might wish to consider taking a haircut this week so that others who must wait until the Shloshes Yemei Hagballah won’t have to compete with them for scarce barber availability next week.

Those who keep the second Sefirah should be aware that some poskim maintain that one may take a haircut this Friday lekavod Shabbos just as one was permitted to do so on the Friday prior to Lag Ba’omer. Be aware that Friday is also Rosh Chodesh.

{Don Greenberg-Masa Umatan}{ Newscenter}


  1. Please be advised that in a prior choveres from Beis Midrash L’torah V’horah of Rav Moshe ZTL, it states that it is prohibited to take haircuts on Friday, according to the second minhag, however not because it is Rosh Chodesh, but for a reason associated with the completion of a period of mourning when one has to wait until the period is over.

    This is written to remove any misunderstanding regarding this matter.


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