Watch: Hafgana At Bar Ilan Junction To Stop The Autopsy Of Couple Murdered In Armon Hanetziv


Dozens of charedi protesters blocked the Bar Ilan junction in Yerushalayim today to protest the autopsy the bodies of Tamar and Yehuda Kaduri who were found dead in their apartment in the Armon Hanetziv neighborhood.

Police investigators say the Kaduris were murdered and ordered an autopsy to uncover the cause of death and search for clues. The bodies were both found with stab wounds, however, police say they weren’t extensive enough to be fatal.

ZAKA released a message saying the autopsy is being done according to Halacha.



    • Stealing organs during autopsies which Israelis are known for, thus preventing complete burial, causes the soul of the deceased to suffer eternally. Hence, these protests are of utmost importance.

      • it is said, that the Rabbonim of the Tri-State area have ruled some 70 years ago that an autopsy is permissible in case of murder, as it might assist the police in putting a hand on the killer;
        Please read the final line of the article above.

      • and what happens if somebody has an organ removed from surgery? does a person suffer? lost a appendage like a toe? do they suffer?

  1. I see these people are very bored nebach maybe they should get a day job.Tgsn they wouldn’t have so much free time to cause so
    Much trouble.

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