Habochur Yosef Aryeh Leib Rabinowitz z”l


yosef-aryeh-leib-rabinowitzThe Yeshiva Darchei Torah family in Far Rockaway, NY, has been plunged into mourning with the passing of habochur Yosef Aryeh Leib Rabinowitz z”l, a talmid of the yeshiva. Though Aryeh Leib suffered from a very debilitating disease and was wheelchair-bound, he endeared himself to all his chaveirim at Mesivta Chaim Shlomo. He joined the yeshiva at the beginning of this year and was embraced by the rosh hayeshiva, Rav Yaakov Bender, the hanhalah members and his fellow talmidim. He learned with great geshmak and saw much hatzlachah in the shiur of Rav Menachem Feifer.

“The bochurim loved him and he brought a lot of cheer to the hallways of the mesivta,” a member of the hanhalah told Matzav.com. “He will be sorely missed.”

The levaya took place in Boro Park yesterday morning and the aron was then brought to Mesivta Chaim Shlomo in Far Rockaway.

Kevurah took place in Lakewood, NJ.

Umacha Hashem dimah mei’al kol ponim.

Yehi zichro boruch.

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  1. A holy boy indeed. He came down to this world to fulfill the mission Hashem sent him here for. Now he is with Hashem. Yihe Zichro Baruch.

  2. When a tragedy of this magnitude hits klal yisroel there’s always three things that must be addressed. The first to be ‘mishtatef ‘in the pain of another yid – one cannot imagine what this family is going through. And second to strengthen our ‘emunah’ in H-shem and realize that after all is said, it only happened because that was the rotzoin of Hashem and that everything Hashem does is for the good. And thirdly one has to be very careful not to speak negative or badly about Hashem that how could he to this or even to say every day another tragedy or what’s next, as if to imply that all is bad and all is wrong c”v. WHEN A PERSON IS A TRUE PERSON OF FAITH & TRUST IN HASHEM. HE GETS TO BE THE HAPPIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD. This is a nisayon for the parents in bitachon & emunah in hashem (just like aharon hakohen when his children died he was quiet & had faith in Hashem…). If its not possible for a person to pass a test from Hashem he is not given the test. Its a time like this that one has to remind oneself of all the ‘hatovah’ and all the chesed that H-shem does for all of us ALL the time.

    Every person has a job to fulfill in this world. now the child has done his job & is ready to go to the olam ha’emes (true world)& you two special people (parents) were the chosen agents of Hashem to take care of this child. May hashem reward you for this.& may his neshama have an aliyah & your lives be filled with only Simcha.

    These kind of things happening & people being Niftar at young ages or in strange ways R”L are all wake up call to klal yisroel that we only care about ourselves, but when it comes to helping/caring for another yid then i cannot help you.
    with that being the case, each time tragedy strikes Hashem has the same question-for each person separately-now you have woken up, now you are crying at this baby’s levaya R”L but when we hear of someone else in tragic cases… we dont care. hashem then wants to know if we will wake up now to help others or do we need another tragic WAKE-UP call from hashem C”V to care for one another?

  3. I was in yeshiva with him.When i saw him zipping around the halls during our breaks with that million dollar smile of his,I would think -chasdei h’ that a boy can be so happy while still being wheelchair bound. He was hands down the happiest bochur in yeshiva,and yesterday when i escorted his aron off campus, I once again said to myself Chasdei h’, that I had the zchus of spending close to a whole year learning what it means to be happy from this bochur.Yosef Aryeh Leib, you will be missed by all.

  4. To #4, Mashiach agent:

    Are you a family member of Yosef Aryeh Leib A”H?
    If yes, may Hashem console you together with all the mourners of Zion and Yerusholaim.

  5. When i saw him zipping around the halls during our breaks with that million dollar smile of his,I would think -chasdei h’ that a boy can be so happy while still being wheelchair bound.

    It is not easy – indeed it can be downright depressing.


  6. All I just wish to say is that I will miss his seat by the table in the back of the bees madras Davening the loudest in a room filled with 600 people. I am happy to have the sec us on putting on Tefilin for him, and I thank yeshiva darchei Torah for that zechus! Yehe zichro boruch

  7. yosef was in hasc with me in the summer. he always brightned my day by his power, smile, and his love for yidishkiet. seeing yosef davened changed my davening each morning may his neshma have an alyiah and that we all grow each day knowing hashem gave us extra strenth that some people dont and that could be why yosef was a happy and holy yid

  8. I was with Aryeh Leib in Camp HASC and I recently saw him a few times in Darchei. He was even by the chanukas Habayis.
    Even though he hadn’t seen me since the summer, and hardly knew me, when I saw him marching down the street last month, he still flashed me a warm smile.
    He was truly an amazing guy. He went through so many tzaros yet still remained a sweet guy.
    May his pure holy neshama have an aliyah in Olom

  9. to #7
    Family is sitting Shiva at 5601 14th Ave.apt1H until Thursday 2:00 and then they are sitting in Lakewood until Shabbos, Besides for one brother who’s going to Waterbury

  10. Habachur Aryeh Leib Rabinowits z”l 5601 14th Ave Apt 1H
    bet 56th St & 57th St
    Boro Park Friday
    starting Thurs afternoon the family will be sitting at 14 Whispering Pines Ln in Lakewood
    R’ Shloime Rabinowits

    Mrs. Malky Rabinowits

    R’ Binyomin Rabinowits

    R’ Ephraim Rabinowits

    R’ Pinny Rabinowits

    R’ Baruch Yehuda Rabinowits
    brother starting Thurs afternoon will be sitting at 134 Blue Ridge Dr in Waterbury
    Mrs. Chaike Chaitovsky

    Mrs. Tzippy Wahl

    Miss. Gitty Rabinowits

  11. I am very sorry to hear this news I personally have a lot of hakoras hatov to aryeh Leib yzb. I was in camp simcha and I had the zechus to have aryeh Leib as my bunk mate I had a very shy camper and it was his first time ever being away from home. It was very hard for me to get him to socialize because he was embarrassed by the way he spoke(witch was very unclear). But aryeh Leib was not fazed by that at all every morning he would wake up and say good morning Moshe with such joy, even though he wouldn’t get a response for the most part at the beginning he just kept on being open and friendly. I was amazed at his simchas hachaim witch he shared with everyone. I really owe a lot aryeh Leib he was really the closest friend to my camper and to me. Aryeh Leib thank you so much your life was a great lesson to us all.


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