Haaretz (!) Slams Kerry


kerryBy William Kristol

Writing in Haaretz – Israel’s New York Times, but further left – Barak Ravid, unquestionably a man of the left, turns on John Kerry. Read the whole thing, but here are highlights:

The draft Kerry passed to Israel on Friday shocked the cabinet ministers not only because it was the opposite of what Kerry told them less than 24 hours earlier, but mostly because it might as well have been penned by Khaled Meshal. It was everything Hamas could have hoped for.

The document recognized Hamas’ position in the Gaza Strip, promised the organization billions in donation funds and demanded no dismantling of rockets, tunnels or other heavy weaponry at Hamas’ disposal. The document placed Israel and Hamas on the same level, as if the first is not a primary U.S. ally and as if the second isn’t a terror group which overtook part of the Palestinian Authority in a military coup and fired thousands of rockets at Israel….

The secretary of state’s draft empowered the most radical and problematic elements in the region – Qatar, Turkey, and Hamas – and was a slap on the face to the rapidly forming camp of Egypt, Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, who have many shared interests. What Kerry’s draft spells for the internal Palestinian political arena is even direr: It crowns Hamas and issues Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas with a death warrant….

If Kerry did anything on Friday it was to thwart the possibility of reaching a cease-fire in Gaza. Instead of promoting a cease-fire, Kerry pushed it away. If this failed diplomatic attempt leads Israel to escalate its operation in Gaza, the American secretary of state will be responsible for every additional drop of blood that is spilled.

These words come from the heart of the peace camp in Israel. They come from one of President Obama’s strongest defenders in Israel. And they present to Barack Obama this question: How do you ask an Israeli–or a Palestinian–to die for John Kerry’s mistakes? Surely it’s time for John Kerry to go.

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    You just wait to see what ”bad” IS,

    But we get what we deserve.

    Its time JEWS realize that democrate party does not represent Israel or Jews or business.

  2. It says in the Tochacha in Bechukosai:(26:27,28) If you continue to not listen to Me and walk with Me b’keri. I will walk with you with Hamas Kerry.

  3. you did it again- you published a republican author who owns a newspaper’s article without letting your readers see the texts of both drafts and america’s public statements in writing on thew whitehouse.gov web site along with the subsequent conference calls that took place yesterday reported by haaretz that denied what was initially reported about kerry’s draft. The fact is there is no difference between the two in terms of what israel or hamas are allowed to do or required to do, and the sensationalist haaretz story uses interpretations that the white house deny. That’s it, the story you have publishedh ere by crustal is fraud. And the part about Cairo versus quatar and turkey is immaterial to anything with regard to Israel’s security sitation which proves that when the only statement of fact in crystals entire story is about who sponsored the bills, you know he doesnt have any real facts- if he had real statements of fact he would have named them and linked to them the authority behind the statements of fact, and he doesnt.

  4. So what ?
    The Ha’aretz endorsed Rivlin

    IN other words,they are supremely shrewd
    and if they (or other outlets) are “positive”,
    Be concerned,Very concerned!

  5. the only change that is material in the two proposals are that the Kerry proposal has more words describing what the Cairo proposal refers to when it comes to lifting blockade of Gaza:

    Cairo proposal( July 15):
    Crossings shall be opened and the passage of persons and goods through border crossings shall be facilitated once the security situation becomes stable on the ground.

    Kerry Proposal confidential draft( July 27):
    “…arrangements to secure the opening of crossings, allow the entry of goods and people and ensure the social and economic livelihood of the Palestinian people living in Gaza, transfer funds to Gaza for the payment of salaries for public employees, and address all security issues.”

    The Kerry proposal explicates how the Cairo wording was understood by all including Israel- and the wording applies to the 7 days that the Kerry cease fire proposes prior to a permanent cease fire being reached.


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