Gunmen Fire At Bus Of IDF Soldiers Near Israel-Egypt Border


israel-egypt-borderGunmen opened fire on Sunday at a bus of Israeli soldiers that was traveling near the Israel-Egypt border.

The bus was hit when it was on Route 10 near Har Sagi, southwest of Mitzpe Ramon. No casualties were reported but damage was done to the bus.

IDF forces were called to the area.

Last week, Israeli troops shot dead one unarmed man, and wounded another who were trying to cross into Israel from Egypt.

Read more at HAARETZ.

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  1. “Gunmen opened fire on Sunday at a bus of Israeli soldiers…” “IDF forces were called to the area…”
    Why bring more soldiers if there was a buss full of ’em right there? why didnt they just return fire etc… key elements of story seem to be missing.

  2. To “Normal” #1:

    Each soldier on the bus might have been carrying his/her personal weapon.

    The maximal amount of ammunition each man (or woman) might have had would be one clip or magazine containing 25 shells. That is not enough for a sustained gun battle.

    But the five-star General Normal, sitting at his computer, doubtless in a comfortable air-conditioned room somewhere in north America knows far, far better how to run a gun battle than the actual troops caught on the ground in hot, dusty and hostile Israel.

  3. Dear General Ben Azai, while I don’t think I understand tactical warfare I do believe a bus full of soldiers could maybe retyrn some fire and then maybe the headlines would read something like “Two gunmen were killed after they opened fire on a busload of soldiers whearas the subtitle would say that these vermin were pierced with 7000 bullets after trying to….” You get the drift!


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