Guardian Editor Defends Hamas’s Right to Kill Israelis, Again


the-guardianBy Adam Levick

During the last war in Gaza two years ago, Guardian associate editor Seumas Milne defended the Palestinian ‘right’ of armed resistance, while arguing that Israel, as the ‘occupying power’, had no such right to defend itself against Hamas (It’s Palestinians who have the right to defend themselves, Nov. 20, 2012).

“So Gazans are an occupied people and have the right to resist, including by armed force (though not to target civilians), while Israel is an occupying power that has an obligation to withdraw – not a right to defend territories it controls or is colonising by dint of military power.

Now, here is the relevant passage from Milne’s latest op-ed, published today (Gaza: this shameful injustice will only end if the cost of it rises, July 16th) at the Guardian:

So the Palestinians of Gaza are an occupied people, like those in the West Bank, who have the right to resist, by force if they choose – though not deliberately to target civilians. But Israel does not have a right of self-defence over territories it illegally occupies – it has an obligation to withdraw.

The only difference between the passages in the two op-eds relates to Milne’s expanded right of resistance. Note that in 2012 it was only Gazans who had the right to engage in acts of terrorism, while in 2014 both Gazans and West Bank Palestinians enjoy the inalienable ‘right’ to kill Israelis.

However, Milne is consistent in both op-eds with regard to one thing: Israel has no right to defend itself from Hamas terror.

While Milne’s justification for the intentional killing of Israelis is not surprising given his history of praising anti-imperialist “resistance movements” across the globe, the mere fact that his latest polemic is consistent with his broader political orientation certainly doesn’t make it any less morally repulsive.

Adam Levick is the managing editor of CiF Watch, an affiliate of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA).

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  1. Um, I guess Mr. Milne doesn’t know his recent history too well, so I have a news flash for him:

    Gaza is not an occupied territory, by anyone’s standards.

    The Israelis pulled out (“disengaged”) from Gaza nine years ago. Not a soldier nor an Israeli civilian was left there.

    So now what’s the excuse, Mr. Milne?

  2. They are saying Hamas has no right to target civilians but that is what is happening so what should Israel do now?
    And they only mentioned Israel can’t defend itself in Gaza but what about rockets coming to Israel?
    They are being purposely illusive to make this war seem fine but if asked directly I’m sure they would have to side with Israel.

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