Group Violates Halacha, Goes on Har Habayis


Led by key Har Habayis activist MK Yehuda Glick, a group of Jews entered a part of the holy site known as Haromah Hamugbahas, where almost all poskim agree a person with tumas meis may not enter. It is generally avoided even by Jews who enter other locations on Har Habayis.

Police prevented Jews from visiting this spot since the attempted assassination of Glick in 2014.

{ Israel News}


  1. אנא תביא מקורות שזה אסור ע”פ הלכה.
    מהו הרמה, ומאי שנא ממה שעשו עד היום?

  2. Instead of condemning them immediately, maybe search for a possible reason or justification.

    Shy always assume the worst in people?

  3. Glick is a provocateur. His redemption should be in his own home.

    Fools on a hill.

    We need Ishmael to concede.

    Funny idea but shlepping your backside upon the Mount is not a call to G-d. Synagogue is.

    Bad but it is a sign of his times… not ours.

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