Group Files Suit Against New Exemption for Yeshivos in New York State


An advocacy group filed a lawsuit Monday alleging that a recently amended New York state law that relaxes educational standards for frum schools is unconstitutional, the Wall Street Journal reports.

In the lawsuit, Young Advocates for Fair Education, a nonprofit organization that seeks to bring secular education standards to yeshivos, argues that the measure violates the Constitution’s First Amendment by granting special treatment to yeshivos.

The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn, names as defendants New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia and Regents Chancellor Betty Rosa. The legislature passed the measure as part of the state budget in April. Mr. Cuomo signed it into law on April 12.

State guidelines require private schools offer a “substantially equivalent” education to that of public schools, and charge school districts with enforcing the standard.

The Felder Amendment, named for state Sen. Simcha Felder, exempts certain schools—nonprofit institutions that offer bilingual programs and long school days—and puts the commissioner of the New York State Education Department in charge of evaluations.

Read the lawsuit HERE.



  1. Seems like a baseless suit. First amendment stops government from establishing a specific religion. This law is a no- nonsense law that if you teach in multiple languages you can get away with less elsewhere. Basically another advocacy group justifying their own existence, and the donations they receive, by presenting a bogus lawsuit. Oh, and running to the media, no doubt to brag about themselves.

  2. As throughout our long and bitter galus, it has always been the shoneh upirush that has caused us the most tzaros! To have the chutzpah to fight against Torah Hakdosha, its Mesora, and its purity is the gravest of sins! This Moser is acting like Leon Trotsky and wants to end his life like Korach viadaso! Vilamalshinam al tehi sickva!

  3. how come it’s not unconstitutional to insist that yeshivos must teach curriculum to which they object on religious grounds?

  4. How about stopping the nonsense and actually providing a secular education that at least meets minimum standards – not one where we seek to hide the truth of how poor the quality and quantity are.

    • Dear Admit, are you hopelessly naive to understand that this group’s definition of “minimum standards secular education” has nothing to do with math and English – these people are after destroying the entire concept of Torah education by trying to sic the 400 pound gorilla of the government to force us to promote anti Torah values, such as toeiva and avoida zora.


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