GROUNDED: Trump Grounds All Boeing Max Planes


President Donald Trump says his administration is grounding Boeing 737 Max planes based on new information about the crash of an Ethiopian Air Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft.

Trump said from the White House on Wednesday that planes currently in the air would be ordered to land at their destination and remain grounded, and that airlines and pilots had been notified of the decision.

“It’s a terrible, terrible thing,” Trump said of the airliner issue, which led to more than 50 nations ordering the Max 8 and 9 aircraft grounded.

“Boeing is an incredible company,” he said. “They are working very hard right now.”
He said the company was looking to find answers to the plane issue, but “until they do, the planes are grounded.”

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  1. Thank you Mr President – now we know that there’s a Commander in Chief that wants to protect American citizens.

    So HELP HIM BUILD HIS WALL to protect American citizens.

  2. Why aren’t these gullible MSM sheeple accusing Trump of being a “conspiracy theorist” like they did to commentators who said so a few days earlier?


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