Grouchy Ex-CIA Head: Trump ‘Nothing Short of Treasonous’ at Summit


Former CIA Director John Brennan slammed President Donald Trump on Twitter after his Monday press conference with Vladimir Putin, claiming that his unwillingness to blame Russia for meddling in the 2016 U.S. election “rises to & exceeds the threshold of “high crimes & misdemeanors.”

“It was nothing short of treasonous,” Brennan continued. “Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you???”

When asked by a reporter if he held Russia accountable “at all” for the strained relationship between the two nations, Trump responded that “I hold both countries responsible. I think the U.S. has been foolish. We all have been foolish. We have both made some mistakes.”


  1. Treason for Hillarey. Where are the emails. Obama sending 150 billion dollars to Iran. Trump 2020 and lock up Hillarey. Lock her up.

  2. This Muslim dog was silent when HE knew this was going on under his G-d, Barack Obama. It’s criminals like Brennan, Lynch, and Clapper that should be arrested and thrown in prison. The 12 DNC plants that were caught, were purposely trying to undermine Sanders & Hillary so Biden could come riding in on his white horse to save the day. The only thing the DNC miscalculated, was that they didn’t realize that Biden was such a dumb senile duffus and being a coward, never had any intention of running.

  3. Former CIA Drech John Brennan has a lot to fear from today’s summit between President’s Trump and Putin. The Media is so busy quoting this jerk that they haven’t been able to criticize him for facilitating the transfer of Four Hundred Million Dollars from Russia into Hillary Clinton’s Campaign.

    One of many issues that the MSM decided detracted from their agenda. Check out some real news sources during the next few days and you will see why Brennan is so grouchy. Er zol Brennen in Gehenom!!!

  4. “Politicizing international affairs is a dangerous game, but that hasn’t stopped far too many in Washington, who seem to have forgotten that a vital part of keeping America safe and secure is avoiding war through strong and consistent diplomacy, from playing politics,”

    -Rand Paul

  5. The CHUTZPAH of Brennan. This traitor gave Hillary $400 MILLION DOLLARS illegally (no tax paid) for her campaign and he has the nerve to call Trump treasonous?
    BRENNAN, HILLARY, OBAMA should be arrested still before the President comes back.


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